BootsnAll: Putting the “Ready” in “Ready, Set, Go”

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by Jessica Goldstein
LG Adventure Editor

You know the one thing that all would-be intrepid travelers do really, really well? Want. Wanting to go somewhere is as easy as seeing Julia Roberts half-smile on that Eat Pray Love poster with a spoon sticking out of her mouth and thinking, “Oooh, gelato in Florence!” Think of all the things you can want: To make friends with a koala bear in Australia, to ride a camel in Israel, to French kiss an actual French guy in Paris.

You can already visualize a montage of you, on cobblestoned streets in a romantic elsewhere, with something like “Blitzkrieg Bop” playing in the background while you twirl in a sari in India or gaze, jaw to the pavement and eyes to the heavens, at a sunrise too beautiful to be real from your perch on Mount Kilimanjaro.


Then you say to yourself, “Maybe I should plan this excellent adventure so my idea can become a reality!”

Then you realize, shoot—planning is hard. Way harder than wanting. There was no space in your montage for booking hotels, figuring out how to get a visa, or what to pack when the airlines are restricting luggage so much it’s a miracle we don’t all have to fly naked with nothing but a toothbrush in a ziplock bag.

Fortunately for you, there is BootsnAll, a travel site designed to make your montage a reality. They are uber-passionate about travel and make the getting there as painless as possible, so you can fast-forward to the being there without those pesky logistics slowing you down.

For instance: if you’re into air travel but would like to go around the world without going broke, these crazy kids have a section of the site totally devoted to round the world travel – everything from tickets to itineraries. Even if you aren’t planning a voyage to the other end of the Earth, Bootsnall can still help you score cheap flights. And while you hope everything will go perfectly, surely you know that accidents can happen to even the savviest globe-trotters among us. Insurance is never a bad idea.

Oh, and about that trip to Florence? Here’s an Italy travel guide and a list of the best hostels in Europe. (All you need to know: “Prendo un gelato, per favore!”) What are you waiting for? The only thing better than imagining a trip is taking one.

Voglio mangiare questo. Non posso aspettare.

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