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Volunteering & Giving Back — By on September 23, 2010 at 3:00 pm

By Emily Bowers, LG Fundraising and Marketing Intern

As women of the world, “Lost Girls” feel the call to explore different places and dive into new cultures, and part of that journey means finding ways to give back. So we have created the Lost & Found to help other women around the world find and fulfill their dreams. We, as Lost Girls, should unite in helping other women help the world.

Jen, Amanda and Holly spent a year traveling around the world discovering new aspects of themselves and people around them. They encountered countless fascinating people and places, and one that stood out in particular was their experience volunteering in Kenya. For those of us that have lived this adventure through the pages of their book, we have all been touched by the generosity the Lost Girls felt from those in Kenya, in particular those at Sister Freda’s clinic. The Lost Girls describe the chaotic scene outside of Sister Freda’s clinic and explain, “Despite the overwhelming need around her, she radiated peace and calm” (pg 220). In reading these pages we too begin to feel a desperate need to help.

Although we all can’t go to Kenya and work directly with Sister Freda and her clinic, we now have the opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life. The Lost Girls have decided to work to raise a total of  $2,400 to send two women to Sister Freda’s nursing school.  With the help of The Butterfly Project, we will be directly donating to these women’s education. The effect that these women will have on their community is immense and countless lives will be changed through the education of these young women. Sister Freda’s mission in life is summarized in a simple phrase “Someone has to save them. Why shouldn’t it be me?” (pg 222).

Lost Girls, why shouldn’t it be us? Why shouldn’t we be the women to help other women achieve their dreams? Why shouldn’t we be the ones to aid in providing education to all women who are eager to make a difference in the world? Now we can!

Through the purchase of t-shirts, songs, and other fundraising events we are calling on Lost Girls everywhere to help these women achieve their dreams. All information regarding sales and the Butterfly Project can be found at the Lost & Found.



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