5 Reasons To Choose A Destination Wedding

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Congratulations.  You’ve found your partner for happily ever after and you’ve made it official.  But, with so many choices on where to host your Big Day, planning  might feel overwhelming. Think about what you love. If you already have a penchant for travel, consider having a destination wedding.  What better way to begin your life with your spouse than by getting married far far away? Destination weddings are a great way to tie the knot. Here’s why.

1. They aren’t as expensive as you think

One of the best reasons to choose a destination wedding is the cost factor.  Check out these numbers:   in 2009, the average cost for 100 guests at a destination wedding is $17,000.  Compare that with the same number of guests for a traditional wedding;  average cost is $25,000 and can easily go much, much higher.  Most likely you won’t have 100 guests traveling to Mexico for the nuptials;  destination weddings tend to have a smaller, more intimate guest list.  Your expenses could be far lower than this.

2. The world is your limit, literally

You can tie the knot almost anywhere that strikes your fancy.  While beach resorts are the most common, you’re only limited by your budget and imagination.  Have you always dreamed of a castle in France?  How about a vineyard in Northern California?  A rocky Maine coast?  Your fantasy wedding can be in any of these locations or wherever else you can dream up.  What place in the world is special to you?  Think beyond the usual and have your destination reflect that.

3. Fashion: your dress needs a destination

If your idea of perfect wedding attire involves a flowing, gauzy white dress with flowers in your hair it might play better on a beach than in your local church. If you fancy a stronger cut, elegant ball gown dress, this would be perfect for an English castle. Pick the right destination at the right time (hint:  not the Caribbean during hurricane season) and you’re all but guaranteed good weather.

Photo bonus: Beaches, or natural environments, make great wedding settings. A background setting of the sun going down behind the surf is hard to beat.  Your photos will be the stuff most brides only dream of.

4.  A destination wedding can double as a honeymoon

Choose your setting wisely since the backdrop for your wedding typically becomes the honeymoon locale as well.  It’s also going to be a vacation spot for your invited guests.  A resort is a great choice as it will have many activities to occupy them so they won’t be left to their own devices for the whole weekend.  Once your group arrives, you can plan as much or as little as you like to entertain them.  Group dinners, volleyball tournaments, local sight-seeing trips…all can be arranged.

5. You can make big planning decisions and let the little stuff go

With a destination wedding there is much less hassle involved with the planning.  Not for brides who need to micro-manage, but if you’re the laid back, go with the flow type, this is a welcome bonus.  Many of the popular Mexican and Caribbean resorts have dedicated wedding planners who will take care of the minutiae, leaving you to just show up and enjoy your special day.  Martha Stewart has even gotten in on the action by partnering with Sandals resorts on wedding packages.

Tip:  Leave it to the Professionals

A travel agent can be your best friend should you choose the destination wedding route. Your agent will coordinate all of the details for your chosen locale.  Everything from the marriage license to airfare for your guests will become her problem, not yours.  She will field all of the inevitable questions and queries from your invitees and act as the intermediary with the staff at the wedding venue.  Don’t worry…all of the decisions about the ceremony and the day will be yours, but you’ll avoid handling the extraneous, tiresome incidentals.

Photo credit: Scarleth White,mysza831/flickr

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