Where to Sleep: Hotel News December 15, 2010

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By Candace Rardon
LG Correspondent

Hotels on the cutting edge

Be ready for a “cool” stay at hotels across the nation this winter season. From the converted fifth-floor terrace at the W New York—with an ice bar you can skate right up to—to the specially-constructed seaside rink at the Hotel del Coronado in San Diego, many hotels are building ice skating rinks on-site. Places like the Portola Hotel and Spa in Monterey, California, even offer “Stay and Skate Free” packages that include sessions for the whole family…just don’t forget to pack your ice skates!

Source: NYTimes and LATimes

Hotel chain borrows airlines’ “no-frills” approach

We’ve gotten used to paying for extras when we fly, be it for luggage, online check-in, or in-flight drinks, and but what paying for perks when we sleep now, too? Tune Hotels, a hotel chain based in Indonesia and Malaysia but currently making its way into the UK market, is following the lead of airlines: When making their reservations, it’s up to customers to decide what they want to add on to their lower-than-normal room rate. Extras from TV and web access to hairdryers and housekeeping—even towels and toiletries—all come with a price.

Source: AOL WalletPop

Swedish Icehotel looks to Tron for inspiration

Love ice? Love sci-fi? Two British designers and architects, Ben Rousseau and Ian Douglas-Jones, have combined the two, creating a suite in the Swedish Icehotel based on the recent release of sci-fi sequel Tron: Legacy. The “Legacy of the River” room took 12 days to construct from nearly six tons of snow and 160 meters of lighting wire. Built entirely from snow and ice, the seasonal Icehotel is located in Jukkasjärviis, a Swedish town near the arctic circle, and is constructed every November and December before it melts in late spring.

Source: Wired

Community matters to a Costa Rican luxury resort

There’s more to the luxurious Gaia Hotel and Reserve in Manual Antonio, Costa Rica, than meets the eye. Besides its sprawling rainforests and five-star facilities, the boutique resort is also becoming known for its commitment to social causes. Boris Marchegiani, owner and president of the hotel, also established the School of Life on-site as a free rehab center for anyone in the local community struggling with drug and alcohol abuse. Since founding the School of Life, crime in the surrounding district has even dropped 25 percent.

Source: Huffington Post

A new Italian hotel takes your stay underground

You may recognize the stone city of Matera in southern Italy from Mel Gibson’s Passion of the Christ, in which it served as the setting of Judea. These days, the many networks of caves and grottoes in this “City of Stone” have a new purpose: They’re being made into luxury hotels like the Sextantio Albergo Diffuso Le Grotte Della Civita. Unesco has even made the Matera caves a World Heritage site, further confirming the region’s significance.

Source: NYTimes

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