Best New Travel Gear, Gadgets & Extras

Extras — By on February 7, 2011 at 6:00 am

By Sarah Brown
LG Correspondent

Check out this list of the coolest new travel gear, gadgets, and fun extras available. Some of this stuff I own, some of it I covet, but nonetheless, it’s all pretty sweet…

The Bheestie Bag

By far the coolest travel accessory I found amongst my Christmas presents, this ingenious invention removes moisture from your electronics and brings them back to life.

Let’s say you drop your digital camera into a mug of beer at Oktoberfest (believe me, these things do happen). Just take your camera, place it in the Bheestie Bag, seal it tight, and leave the camera in there for one to three days. When you take the camera out, it should be completely resuscitated. Apparently this Bheestie Bag has revived cell phones, watches, iPods, pdas, and cameras that have gone swimming, taken a spin through the washing machine, or been soaked by rain by using powerful, water-absorbing beads that are enclosed inside a pouch within the bag.

Macally Podwave Portable Stereo Speakers for iPod

For the music lovers out there, this travel gadget is for you. These tiny, portable, battery-operated speakers allow you to enjoy your iPod music anytime, anywhere, with anyone. Weighing less than three ounces, they are incredibly portable, and give off great sound. They plug right into the headphone jack of your iPod or mp3 player, and are operated by one AA battery.

According to Macally, these speakers can play continuously for up to eight hours, so there’s no longer any need to stifle that soundtrack to your life. If you find yourself bored in a train station or in a bleak hotel room, just pop the speakers in, and you’ll be jamming with friends in no time.

Universal power adapter

As any frequent traveler knows, a power adapter is an important accessory. There’s nothing worse than arriving at your hotel and realizing you won’t be able to charge your BlackBerry during the trip because you don’t have the right plug.

With this gadget, you will be able to plug into British, European, Japanese, and Australasian outlets. That pretty much covers everywhere in the world—right down to Nauru (I didn’t even know this was a place), the Channel Islands, and Malawi. And yes, not to worry, it will also work on your frequent trips toPakistan. For the impressive complete list of countries, check out the website:

Powermonkey Portable Charger

OK, this is seriously cool. I find that the world seems to work in such a way that we are never near an outlet when our gadgets run out of battery. Even if you have your handy universal power adapter, if you can’t find an outlet, you are in trouble. Well, not anymore!

This is where the Powermonkey comes in. This handy little device gets charged up from a normal AC power outlet, and can then be stashed for you to use on the go. It can hold a standby charge for up to one year, and comes with a range of add-on adaptors to fit a variety of electronic devices (including iPods and BlackBerrys…score!).

It’s very small, lightweight, and great for any trip that outlasts the stamina of your electronic devices (i.e. transatlantic plane flights). Basically, when your iPod, cell phone, or anything else runs out of battery, plug it into the Powermonkey charger, and it will charge it back up. With this, you can have power anywhere you are in the world.

Sea-to-Summit Trek and Travel Pocket Shampoo with Conditioner

I must thank my sister for finding this incredible invention. These tiny packs contain 50 dry leaves of shampoo and conditioner combined. TSA-friendly because they are non-liquid, the leaves are also 100 percent biodegradable, and super lightweight. Upon getting wet, they transform into shampoo. Overall, they make your shower supplies a lot easier to bring along…

Sleep mask and earplugs

You can get these from basically any store in a variety of shapes, textures, patterns, and colors. Some people like the sleep masks with all the frills; you know, the ones that promote REM sleep and have special grooves for your eyes…If that’s your thing, more power to you, but all I was looking for when I shopped for these was something that blocked out light and sound so I wouldn’t be bothered if I didn’t want to be.

You can find that kind pretty much anywhere. Bring them along when you’re staying in hostels or campsites, or needing to catch some shut-eye on the plane because people can often be loud, annoying, and obnoxious when you’re trying to sleep.

Luggage ID tags

Another must-have that you can practically pick up anywhere, luggage ID tags are great gift ideas for any traveler. I received four as a gift recently, and they’re already filled out, attached to my suitcases, and ready to go back to France.

Here, these are crazy and colorful—and feature a cute don’t-say-I-didn’t-warn-you saying. If nothing else, they might be a good idea as a way to distinguish your otherwise boring black suitcase.


Everything in miniature

And I do mean everything. As I look over my collection of travel toiletries, etc., I’m astounded companies even make things this small. Here’s a sample of the things I use—in miniature: deodorant, face wash, body wash, shampoo, conditioner, makeup remover, Tums, mouthwash, body lotion, face lotion, eye cream, toothpaste, Tide, cotton balls, Q-tips, sewing kit, Airborne, and bugspray. All designed to fit inside that Ziploc bag for any plane flight.

As you plan for your next big adventure, I hope you’ll keep this list in mind. There certainly are some clever travel gear and gadgets available to make all your traveling dreams come true!