Mallorca Travel Guide: Thing to Do in Mallorca

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by Louis Jobin
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Mallorca is a beautiful island off the east coast of Spain, internationally renowned for its perfect sandy beaches, tasty Mediterranean cuisine and scenic mountain topography. Though the prices on and around the coast have been inflated by tourism, the center of the island is still reasonably cheap an ideal destination for budget-conscious backpackers. There’s a little something for everyone in Mallorca, but if you’re stuck for ideas you’ve come to the right place!

Getting there

Mountain Hikes Because it’s a prime tourist destination, Mallorca is extremely easy to get to. The most obvious way is to take a flight to Palma de Mallorca—thanks to the popularity of this destination, cheap tickets are readily available from budget airlines such as Ryan Air and Thomas Cook (Americans: You’ll need to fly to Europe first on your regular airline, then pick up one of these local carriers when you arrive).

If you’re already in Europe, one of the best ways to get to Mallorca is by ferry. There are no surcharges for bringing luggage (plus, you’ll get to skip out on cramped airline seats, overpriced food and oppressively long lines at airport security!). A single ticket for a ferry from Barcelona to Palma (without a vehicle) costs around €60, or $83. This may seem expensive, but it’s worth it for the voyage itself.

Activities in Mallorca

Mallorca PhotosFor the strapped student who’s got wanderlust, exploring this stunning island is an ideal pastime. There are, of course, plenty of sandy beaches along Mallorca’s coast, but many of them can get pretty packed in high season. If exploration is your thing, hiking in the Serra de Tramuntana mountain chain is a must. Reaching a mountain’s peak and looking down upon the island with the wind in your face is an experience you’ll never forget!

One tip for a great day out: Try to reach the town of Sóller on foot. Doing so entails climbing some of Mallorca’s highest mountains, which provides an exhausting but rewarding trek. Having reached your destination, relax your body and feed your mind at the free Modern Art museum and finish off the day by sipping on hot chocolate at the local market.

If you happen to have luxury in mind, however, the golf course is the place to be. Golfing in Mallorca is an incredibly popular activity; so popular that the island boasts 21 golf courses, an there are plans in the works to open even more! Feeling tired after a few rounds? Stick around for a warm summer’s evening of free classical music (live every Saturday evening) on the Bendinat golf course!

Accommodations in Mallorca

Mallorca ResortsHotels in Mallorca can be quite expensive, but you definitely get what you pay for. ‘Golf hotels’ are very popular, and are often booked as part of a package deal. If you just want to put your feet up, relax and putt your way to golf heaven, it may be worth investing in one of these packages.

For families, renting a villa or a finca (a refurbished farmhouse) can be a brilliant way to get a week or two of sun over the summer holidays.

The cheapest way to spend the night is to find a place where camping is allowed. Mallorca has no commercial camping grounds, but if you ask around, you may find some areas with public showers and toilets in which camping is tolerated. Don’t forget to bring your sleeping bag!

Where to Eat in Mallorca

You’ll get your pick of food from all over the world in Mallorca, but you’re not really in Spain if you don’t opt for a delicious seafood paella at least once during your stay. Mallorca’s locally-produced wine is some of the finest we’ve ever tasted. The best value one is without doubt one called the Ses Nines, which set us back a mere 5 Euros! Both the wine and the price go down smooth.

About the Author: Louis Jobin is an undergraduate studying English and Japanese Studies. His passions are European literature, Asian cuisine and Scandinavian music.

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