Tenerife on a Budget

Canary Islands — By on March 30, 2011 at 1:00 pm

By Jade Eva

With months of gorgeous weather and beaches to die for, it comes as no surprise that Tenerife is such a popular holiday destination for millions of people annually. Like any sun-kissed tourist beehive, Tenerife is not without its price tag. But with a little planning, and seeing a few sights off the beaten track, a Tenerife vacation can be budget friendly.

Scuba Diving
Although scuba diving does come with an inevitable entourage of tourists, the opportunities in Tenerife are fantastic and are not to be missed. All the beaches in Tenerife are picture-perfect, with glistening transparent water – allowing you to have a truly unforgettable scuba dive.  called the Atlantida Dive Club, located near the Amarilla Mountain, offers a huge range of dives, accommodating for both nervous beginners and professionals. In addition, the prices are not too expensive: € 35 for a single dive.

Black Beach
Located near La Paz in Puerto de la Cruz, hidden from the prying eyes of tourists, Playa Bollullo is a beach with a fascinating quality: the sand is black.  As a volcanic island, all the natural beaches here have black sand (you will also find some with imported sand for those who like their beaches golden). The contrast of the black sand against the turquoise ocean is simply astonishing. This beach’s hidden location gives you an experience of the local side of Tenerife. The young people on the beach all seemed to hail from the nearby town which gives the beach a more relaxed atmosphere, compared to the more mainstream beaches swamped with tourists.

Tenerife Restaurants
After a day at the beach, you can look forward to an enjoyable Tenerife restaurant experience.  Most of the restaurants in the main towns can be quite expensive; however places such as Los Cristianos can combine fine dining with fine pricing, with its most expensive dish costing €18 (T-Bone steak). Located right on the sea front, allowing you to enjoy a wonderful view of the ocean whilst you enjoy your meal.

So make sure you aren’t intimidated by Tenerife’s pricey reputation, as there are plenty of things to do for the budgeting traveller. With these tips you can get ready to watch the memories roll on in.

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