Training for The Lost Girls Races: Running the Seneca 7

Volunteering & Giving Back — By on April 27, 2011 at 2:24 pm

By Holly C. Corbett, LG Executive Editor

In less than three days, our team will be running the very first Lost Girls Races, the Seneca 7. What would possess us to run 77.7 miles around Seneca Lake in upstate New York smack in the middle of thunderstorm season? Maybe we needed some extra motivation to get in shape after hibernating through a winter that was way too long. Or maybe we needed an excuse to get friends together to visit the Finger Lake’s burgeoning wine country.

But the biggest reason we’re running is so that this beautiful young Kenyan woman named Kelvyne, pictured here, can get her nursing degree. She’s 20 years old and has been an orphan since she her mom passed when she was only four. Kelvyne has the determination needed to graduate and help prevent other kids from losing their parents way too young the way she did. But she doesn’t have the money for school.

When we read a letter she wrote about why she wanted to become a nurse, we knew we had to do something to help her reach her goal. Kelvyne writes, “In my small town in Kenya, many people die of diseases that are easily prevented, such as malaria, typhoid, HIV/AIDS and malnutrition. With a nursing education, I can help educate the ladies in my community to prevent such infections.  It’s said that when a lady is educated, her community benefits by leading to less poverty and more kids in school. Women who are educated, making money, and helping their community empowers other women to believe that they, too, can make a difference.”

So what can you do to help a young woman achieve her dream? It’s easy: click here to donate—your dollars go a long way in Kenya! All the money goes to Village Volunteers, the organization that Jen, Amanda and I volunteered with in Kenya during our yearlong trip (it’s how we met Sister Freda!). So far you’ve helped us raise $251 for our premiere Lost Girls Race.

Fellow Lost Girl Nancy Yeomans has also put together a team to compete in the Tough Mudder the following weekend after the Seneca 7. If you want to get your own Lost Girls Races team together and participate in a race near you, find more info here. Getting in shape never felt so good!

Stay tuned for an update on the big Seneca 7 race happening this Saturday—we’ll be videotaping the whole thing!

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