The LG Travel News Roundup: An Unlikely Find in an Ancient Roman Sewer

Weekly Travel News — By on June 24, 2011 at 6:00 am

By Susmita Baral
LG News Intern

Missed the big travel stories of the week? And the weird, wacky and insignificant ones? We’ve got your roundup right here…

New remains found in Herculaneum sewerArchaeologists Aren’t Afraid to Get Dirty in a Roman Sewer

While most people have heard of Pompeii and the volcanic explosion that buried the town alive in 79 A.D., many may be unfamiliar with a neighbouring village called Herculaneum, also covered by Vesuvius. But the discovery of an 86-meter tunnel in Herculaneum has given archeologists a new peek into how Romans lived 2,000 years ago: 750 sacks of  human excrement left in the sewer is apparently still up for analysis. Specifically, scientists were able to find out about their diet and illnesses that plagued them, including that ancient Romans ate a lot of vegetables and suffered from bacterial infections. Source: BBC

Swedish Town Explores Unconventional Methods to Boost Population

The rural Swedish town of Ragunda, with a population of 5,600, is desperately trying to increase its population after many people have started to leave the town for bigger cities like Stockholm since 2005. Government officials of Ragunda are looking for ways to help cover the costs of fertility treatments and adoption in order to increase their population. Officials are also considering reaching out to Thailand since a Thai pavilion was built there in 1897 to commemorate the visit of Thai King Chulalongkorn. Source: AOL Weird News

Hyatt Gives Female Travelers the Silver-Spoon Treatment

In order to counter the inconvenience females face when traveling, be it baggage size restrictions or liquid allowances, Hyatt has launched a new “Hyatt for Her” program. It has a “hair menu” that allows women to select hair products based on their unique hair type and includes an in-room manicure, pedicure and blow dry service. The program is currently available at Hyatt’s Berlin, Dusseldorf, Hamburg, Cologne, Mainz and Zurich properties. Source: Gadling

In Space Travel, Iran Isn’t Monkeying Around

According to Iran’s state television, the country plans to send a monkey to space this summer, sometime between between July 23 and August 23, via their Kavoshgar-5 rocket. In March, Iran sent a rocket with a monkey doll into space, and in 2010, small animals were sent up including a rat, turtle and worms. Source: Tucson Sentinel

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Travel News Bits

Wish you were here? The European Travel Commission could make it happen

A new Facebook contest called I Wish I Were There has been launched by the European Travel Commission to encourage tourism to Europe. The contest requires fans to photoshop themselves onto a photo of a potential holiday destination in either Austria, Croatia or Poland. The Grand Prize is likely to be selected from the top five photos with the most “likes.” Source: Gadling

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