6 Best Websites For Travelers

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by Kathryn Robinson

LG Contributor

We’re always on the lookout for ways to make our travels easier and more fun. There are a lot of websites out there that promise to do this, but not too many of them actually deliver. Here’s a round-up of some that do.


When I was abroad in Edinburgh, Scotland this became my virtual Bible. What’s cool for a non-stop nomad like myself is you can choose “Everywhere” as your end point to compare travel prices to different destinations on any given date. Similarly, you can view the whole month or the whole year if you have a particular departure and/or destination in mind. Flight prices for different airlines are updated in real time… great for us last minute folks!  Find it here:  Skyscanner


The bright pink web design of this site always makes me feel better about waiting to find hostels and places to stay until very late. I’m talking uncomfortably short notice. You can find extremely cheap deals, or just poke around the site for travel inspiration. Best bets are the last second deals. Fancy a short notice holiday to Spain? No problem. One of the more interesting features is the ‘Top Secret Hotels’ option. You can get up to 45% off their low prices, and you’re told the location, description, and star rating—then get all the details after booking. A friend swears by it, especially after she was put up a W hotel for a price too unspeakable to print.  Find it here: Last Minute


You might have thought – like I did – that this website only covered one city; The Big Apple. Not true! Hopstop has expanded to over 57 locations. Last summer I scored what on paper was the internship of my dreams in NYC but its unpaid nature left me avoiding taxis at all costs. I walked and took the metro everywhere and HopStop makes this foolproof, especially for the directionally challenged like myself, and in a crazy city like NYC. It was a godsend. It even calculates the calories you burn on your walks to work. Added note: For those not avoiding taxis, it will calculate an approximate fare for you. Not convinced yet? Hop on it.  Find it here:  Hopstop


I personally have never used this site but it made the cut because I can’t stop hearing great things about it. How it works is this: you ask for suggestions for where you’re headed, and also post your own advice for other destinations. The site will automatically link your recommendation to photos, maps, contact information, and more. If you’re the visual type and you love keeping track of your favorite places, the site has a “passport” feature, which generates a visual representation of everywhere you’ve been. It’s a Facebook-style social network for travel advice, which is perfect and oh-so-handy if your friends and family are avid travelers like yourself. Find it here:  Gogobot


Mobiata is a website for finding travel-related apps, and prices for the apps range from free to $9.99. FlightTrack, for example, gives you real time updates of flight statuses all around the world, including weather radar updates, route maps, and more. If your flight’s been cancelled – and this has happened to me far too many times to count – Flight Track makes it convenient for you to search for alternate flights right at your fingertips. Another app offered is called HotelPal and allows you to make easy, last-minute, in-app reservations and browse through hotels all around the world. Find it here:  Mobiata

Unusual Hotels Of The World

Where I end up spending the night in a new place really can add to or take away from the experience. From finding a scenic camp site in which to pop up a tent to stumbling upon a quirky hostel best known for its toast in the morning (true story – a hostel in Manchester, and we didn’t even try the toast), places to stay are a big part of the fun of traveling. This website allows you to search accommodations, by ‘Experience’ (romance, thrill, family), ‘Type’ (ice and snow, themes, history), and ‘Destinations’.  Included are a Trojan Horse-shaped suite in Belgium, a hotel made entirely of salt in Bolivia, hotel rooms built from giant concrete sewage pipes in Austria and a dockside crane in the Netherlands. I’ve definitely added a few more items to my Bucket List after browsing through this site. Find it here:  Unusual Hotels of the World

Photo credit:  bjaglin/flickr,lastminute.com,gogobot.com



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