#FollowFriday: The Best of Travel in Social Media (Part 2)

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By Kathryn Robinson

Two weeks ago we launched “#FollowFriday,” introducing readers to five of our favorite travel websites on the web, from Donna Hull’s Itchy Travel Feet to Daniel Nahabedian’s breathtaking travel photography over at Canvas of Light. In this week’s second installation of #FollowFriday, we’re not slowing down! I’m bringing you five more awesome travel sites to check out.

As always, if you find yourself clicking around some of these sites for more than five minutes or so, give the authors some love! Leave a friendly comment or two! Tell them about the great Eastern European trip you’ve just been inspired to take!

  • Uncornered Market: When I started browsing sites for this post I had the fleeting idea to choose only blogs of traveling duos, couples’ travel blogs. For the sake of diversity I veered away from that idea but Uncornered Market made the cut. Maybe this is just my 21-year-old-self talking but I can’t imagine traveling around the world with someone without us wanting to kill each other! (#jaded) So, I have huge respect for those who can. Uncornered Market is the brainchild of Daniel Noll and Audrey Scott, a married couple who describe themselves as “two American kids, turned mid-career professionals, turned travel junkies.” They’ve traveled to over 65 countries, which brings me to my favorite part of their site, the Where We’ve Been Map. Did I mention they’re still together? Follow Daniel and Audrey on Facebook or at @UMarket.
  • The Q Family Adventures: Hang on, I’m out of my element already. The Q Family Adventures is a blog written by Thailand-born Amy, a working mom with two children, a husband and a dog. I’m none of those things! (Ok, I have a dog). Even if you’ve never traveled with kids, this blog is still fun, absolutely adorable, and difficult to click away from. Her too-cute-to-handle children, affectionately referred to as “Miss J” and “Mr. Z” steal the show as the stars of Amy’s family blog, as we see them travel all over to amazing places. From Legoland, to waterfalls in Khoa Yai National Park, this family has been everywhere, and thankfully documenting their moments of wanderlust for us to read. Follow them on Facebook or at @TheQFamily.

  • Irish Fireside: Okay, I’ve got a huge Ireland bias, but even if didn’t, this blog and subsequent podcast probably would’ve made it onto this list nonetheless! Most of my ancestry begins in Ireland and my history-buff parents have traced our relatives back to Donegal and Leitrim. What’s the big deal about Ireland, you may ask? You really need to go there to see for yourself, and this comprehensive, multi-authored blog will have you itching to do so. Anything you can think to want to know about Ireland, you can find here (may I suggest, as per my recent visit abroad, this article on visiting the beautiful Aran Islands?) Did I mention that one of their site sponsors appears to be “Irish Drinking Songs for Cat Lovers?” If that doesn’t draw you to Irish Fireside yet, then I simply don’t know what will. Follow them on Facebook or at @IrishFireside.
  •  Stop Having a Boring Life: Seriously, will ya stop already? Rob of Stop Having a Boring Life makes it seem deceptively easy to do so. This dynamic website full of photos, thoughts, even a “vlog”!, began when the relatively vague ‘Rob’ decided to make an actual account of “a trip around the world with no end and close to no possessions left from a lavish liquidation.” Rather than a list of To Do’s, Stop Having a Boring Life documents the rare exposed thoughts of a world traveler. And, it’s kind of awesome. So are the videos: I’ve already made my way through “Jamaican Bobsled Experience at Mystic Mountain” and “Exploring Desert Castles & Amman, Jordan”…and there’s no end in sight. Follow Rob on Facebook or at @Bloggeries.
  • Twenty-Something Travel: Last but not least, Twenty-Something Travel. Now we’re talking! That’s my age group! Twenty-Something Travel is a blog started by Stephanie Yoder, who has been traveling or saving up to travel ever since she graduated college and decided she wanted to “show other twenty-somethings that long-term travel is a viable option.” Apart from travel she also loves Diet Coke, irreverent Brit. Lit. and puppies. (Me too, Stephanie. Me too.) Besides being full of cool articles from her travels around the world, the site is chock full of helpful information, such as how she saved up for her travels and advice for traveling abroad. Follow Stephanie on Facebook or at @20sTravel.

Iranian Architecture
Mosque in Iran, from Uncornered Market

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