#FollowFriday: The Best of Travel in Social Media (Part 3)

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Nighttime in Paris, from WanderplexThree’s a crowd, third time’s the charm, it comes in threes, etc. etc. If you missed Part 1 and Part 2 of this new Lost Girls section- STOP!- go check ‘em out right now and then come on back here.

  • Matador Network: I don’t even know how to begin talking about Matador Network. Matador is an “independent media company based around travel worldwide,” co-founded by Ross Borden and Ben Polansky. There are around ten blogs that comprise the network, each distinctly unique in content, from Matador Change to the way-too-fun Matador Nights. Here’s just a sampling of awesome posts: Big Water Kayaking in Africa. How to: Survive Your Tour Group. How to Eat Poutine Like a Maniac. (I’m off to do that- in the meantime, follow them on Facebook or at @MatadorNetwork).
  • A Rude American in Paris: A Rude American in Paris is a cute blog passed on to me from a fellow traveler. The self-proclaimed “Rude American” herself is a woman named Kristin Rolla, who documents the do’s and dont’s of Paris travel through her own travel anecdotes. There’s also no shortage of delicious food photos—if that doesn’t draw you in, I don’t know what will! Follow A Rude American in Paris at @Krisrolla.
  • Roadside America: My love of road tripping has fueled my passion for this site, Roadside America, which offers an unbelievably comprehensive guide to all roadside attractions, state by state. We’re talkin’ everything from the world’s largest burgers (proud to say that’s in my home state), to towns famous for white squirrels and statues of giant fruit. What makes it even cooler is that travelers like you and I can write in about any neat attraction we’ve stumbled upon, to help them update their listings and send other road trippers onward! Follow them on Facebook or at @RoadsideAmerica.
  • Wanderplex: I first stumbled upon Wanderplex when I read this great article on how to (safely) travel alone as a woman, which humorously (yet poignantly) addressed many concerns I’ve had before while wandering alone. But the information didn’t stop there. Author and traveler Reena Ganga posts around five times a week with incredible articles, and equally incredible photos of the week. “9 creative (travel) uses for dental floss that don’t involve your mouth”? Actually so interesting. Follow Reena Ganga on Facebook or at @Wanderplex.
  • Booked: Amy Welborn describes the birth of Booked as follows: “I was sitting around a couple of months ago—early 2011—mulling over future writing projects, actual and proposed. I wasn’t really jazzed by any of them, and spent a few minutes whining to myself…what I really want to do is travel writing. But that can’t happen because…But wait…why not?” And then there was Booked. Welborn’s multi-faceted travel blog is full of quirky travel stories complete with photographic evidence… not to mention a beautiful site layout that I have to give props to. Follow Booked on Facebook or at @AmyWelborn2.
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