Lost Girl of the Week: Victoria Gibson

Lost Girl of the Week — By on December 14, 2011 at 6:02 am

This week’s LG, Victoria Gibson, had all the ingredients to a perfect life, but something was missing. Since she couldn’t go back and change things she had already done, she chose to focus on a future of travel to get out of what she calls her “stuckness.”

Successful Corporate Career – tick; Land a Husband – tick; Have Two Beautiful Children – Tick; Living Your Dream – uh oh, maybe not…

So there I was with all the hallmarks of successful and happy life, yet there was still something missing. I felt out of sync and burdened by the choices I had made for myself, and I felt really stuck.

I didn’t think it was possible to back out of a husband, two kids and a well-paying corporate gig.  So instead I used travel to tap into my inner reserves and lift me out of my “stuckness”.

Like many, I was using travel to escape my life, seemingly unaware of the true benefits of really integrating it in my life.

My first overseas jaunt at 17 was traveling to Bali solo. The warmth of the tropical air and soft fragrance of frangipani gave me a new sense of calm, and the warmth and contentment of the locals showed me a more simple way to approach a life of happiness.

I followed this up by annual travel over the years to Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Europe, America, and Mexico. Each time, I experienced the undeniable transformative power of travel, yet failed to use the insights and energy I gained to get happier with my lot in life.

As a thirty-something gal in Australia, the end of my marriage gave me the opportunity to take the trip I had always dreamed of to India.  Now, if India couldn’t wake me up to live the life I’d been dreaming of, nothing could!
Travel in India challenges you. It heightens your senses with a riot of colour, activity and noise. But underneath all the commotion lays a beautiful culture of love and happiness that inspires you to make the right kind of changes you need to get more comfortable with your life.

Without getting all “guru” on you, experiencing a different side of life and taking in all the amazing diversity and history that abounds in India, you cannot help but realize that all you are hanging on to that you think makes you happy, probably won’t.

It’s all about travel as a catalyst for letting go and changing things that aren’t working for you, and replacing them with things that will.

After my third trip to India, I realized that more people needed to know about this amazing country. I found it hard to uncover accurate information and advice about travel to India as an independent woman.

So there it was, my idea that could make travel part of my daily life – I was going to create a website with destination advice and insider tips about travel to India for women!

I quit my job, took a deep breath, and launched my own website soon after.  I identified something I can be passionate about, which is uncovering and sharing a unique travel experiences across India, and it just felt right to make this passion my new career.

I used to think travel could only be an annual escape from the humdrum for me. I never thought I could make it part of my daily life.  I have been to India over a half a dozen times in the past year, and I will be traveling frequently again throughout 2011 – it’s not just a holiday, it’s what I do.

I couldn’t be more grateful.

Check out my site and discover inspirational travel experiences to India.

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  • Hi Victoria! It’s great to read about your dreams being fulfilled in India. I just returned from my first visit there. It really is inspiring — and a little scary. How wonderful that you go there multiple times a year.

  • Hi Melanie,
    Sorry for the delay in the reply. So glad you have experienced this amazing country. It really has so much to offer. Yes, it can be daunting, but if you can plan well, it can be a really great trip.
    Good luck x

  • ava apollo says:

    Very cool, Victoria. I admire your drive! I want to do something similar but fear traveling alone, female, and in a country I’ve never been to. So, it will be nice to look at your site for a resource.

  • Victoria McDonnell says:

    this is such a moving story! i really feel the words speak out to me as well as your experiences. I quit my job a few months ago, searching for the person inside me. Money is not a problem (i am married to rich handsome young man, and my career allowed me to invest and make my money!) as of now, i have found that inner person, and i explore the world, living by your ethics! Lots of love, Victoria xxx

  • Victoria McDonnell says:

    Thank you! xxx