#FollowFriday: The Best of Travel in Social Media (Part 5!)

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Truthfully, I didn’t pick the best day to be scouring the world wide web for awesome blogs. In case you hadn’t heard, many sites today are participating in an “Internet Blackout” in protest of two anti-piracy bills, SOPA and PIPA. From Wikipedia to some of the travel community’s own personal blogs, sites all over the Internet are taking this important stance to make their voices heard. I urge you to read about what’s going on, if you’re not already informed!

Now I’ll jump down off my soapbox and bring you a couple great travel blogs to start the weekend off right!

  • Angela B. Pan Photography: I somehow stumbled upon AB Pan Photography and it blew me away. Previously posting about the blog Canvas of Light on here just fueled the flame behind my search for more awesome travel photography blogs, and I’m confident that this makes the cut. Her landscape and nature photography is kind of otherworldly, and it’s difficult to be jealous of this girl’s extreme photo skills because after watching just one of her video posts, it’s easy to see how personable and down to earth she is! Follow Pan on Facebook or on Twitter @ABPanPhoto.

    Vietnam Reflection

    Vietnam Reflection from AB Photography

  • As We Travel: As We Travel is an interesting travel blog full of “the latest travel advice, clutter-free city guides, and HD travel videos from around the world.” Personally, the videos are what drew me in the most. Founders of the site, Nathan Schacherer and Sofia von Porat have filmed these engaging travel videos in more than 33 countries around the world. And they’re kind of great. One of my favorites (due to some major study abroad bias) is the Exploring Edinburgh, Scotland video. This dynamic duo is engaging and made me feel like I was right back in the city. Follow them on Facebook or on Twitter @AsWeTravel.

    Garmisch Winter Home

    Winter Home in Germany from As We Travel

  • The Big Picture: The Big Picture is a blog that is a part of Boston.com but I’m allowing myself to post this not only because it’s awesome, but because I have an allegiance to Boston.com seeing as I live in Boston n’ all (come on guys I’m going to a Celtics game tonight, that’s reason enough). This is a great travel site in that it tells news stories through breathtaking photographs. I think one of the most important parts of being a world traveler is being informed about what is going on around you in the world. The most recent posts include news and photos about the Costa Concordia cruise ship tragedy off the cost on Italy, an ancient ritual called Kalachakra, and the Dakar rally of 2012. Follow them on Facebook or on Twitter @Big_Picture!

    Blue Mosque

    The Blue Mosque from The Big Picture

  • Been There, Eaten That: If you know me you know about my love for the Food Network and anything yummy. Been There, Eaten That plays to everything I like best: food, travel, and accompanying delicious photos. Blogger Lori Gardner writes about her dining experiences in the DC area and beyond and I can’t seem to stop scrolling through the many pages of her blog (especially when she starts posting about the 11 days she and her husband spent in Italy). Washington Flyer deemed BTET one of the best travel blogs of 2011 and I’d have to agree! Follow Lori on Facebook  or on Twitter @Foodobsessed6.


    Scallops from Been There, Eaten That

  • Literary Traveler: For a self-proclaimed literary nerd like myself, this blog is perfect. The site sells itself as a place to “help readers explore their literary imagination” by providing informative and inspiring travel writing featuring authors and the places they’ve traveled. You can browse by author or place, and the site’s got everyone from my man Kerouac to Dostoyevsky and Neruda. Follow them on Facebook or on Twitter @LiteraryTravlr.
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