Lost Girl’s Guide to Cruising Solo: Ship Review

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By Gina Douglas
Special to Lost Girls

I recently traveled on the 4,100 passenger Norwegian Epic, Norwegian Cruise Line’s newest mega ship. The Norwegian Epic has Vegas-style entertainment such as a Cirque du Soleil style dinner, performances by the Blue Man Group, waterslides, a huge casino area, and even a Svedka ice bar (which is as cold as it sounds). The ship also boasts some very innovative solo cabins – complete with mood lighting, special lounge, and – no single supplement charge. For a Lost Girl who has always wanted to try a cruise, but can’t find the right travel partner, Norwegian Epic’s solo cabins are a great option.

Epic Studio hallway The Studio Cabins

Dubbed the Studio cabins, the section of the cruise ship that houses these cabins is only accessible by keycards of guests staying in Studio cabins.

The mood is immediately set upon entering the Studio section of the ship. The hallways change from the muted colors of the other cabin areas on the ship into a club-like atmosphere with blue and purple mood lighting bouncing off of white toned walls framing trendy-looking porthole windows. The hallway seems better equipped to lead you to a dance floor then a cabin to sleep in and once you get to the Studio cabin, the fun continues. The Studio rooms are small, but the extra touches in them easily make up for the lack of space.

Upon entering the room there is a double bed on one side and the bathroom area on the other side. Extra counter space resides under the flat-screened TV and the bed is situated next to a large porthole window, which helps keep the boxed in feeling of an inside cabin at bay. Next to the bed is a fun mood lighting control. Choose from yellow, pink, and blue to cast your cabin aglow with a fun and colorful ambiance.

The Studio Lounge

The Studio cabins also get exclusive access to the Studio Lounge, a bar and hangout area just for guests staying in Studio cabins. The Studio Lounge has a bar open every evening plus all day access to a coffee machine that will even serve up lattes.

An interactive touchscreen computer hangs in the middle of the lounge and serves as a more tech-savvy version of a jukebox with hundreds of songs from every genre downloaded on it that can be chosen and played at will. One of the best parts of the Studio Lounge for solo travelers is a meet-up every night in the Lounge for Studio guests. This is perfect for meeting other solo travelers and making some new friends on the ship. In addition, there is an easel with writing paper available for people to make notes on, such as “Meet here at 6pm for dinner” or “Anyone up for the Blue Man Group tomorrow?” making it a prime place to always ensure you have someone onboard the ship to hang out with!

The Norwegian Epic splits its time between the Caribbean in the winter and the Mediterranean in the spring and summer and the Studio cabin prices are an affordable option for cruising these destinations on your own – or if you’re traveling with a group of friends, but just don’t feel like having to share a room with someone.


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