#FollowFriday: The Best of Travel in Social Media (Part 6!)

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This week’s sixth installation of #FollowFriday hits close to home: I’m bringing y’all the awesome travel websites of some of our very own Lost Girls editors, writers and correspondents. If you enjoy their blogs (which you will!) don’t forget to let them know… they’re the ones bringing us awesome LG articles every week for you to read!

  • Danielle Abroad: Danielle Alvarez is our Lost Girls Food News Editor. She’s a blogging globetrotter with a healthy appetite, hence her current position as food news editor. Her blog, Danielle Abroad, has a myriad of posts made enjoyable her quirky writing style. And of course, her food posts are the shining stars: I was definitely won over by “Pizza, the vegetable.” Finally, since she’s a Lost Girl, her favorite way to get lost? “To go for a walk in a new garden, or other natural environment (every place has its own specialty) without a plan, or even a watch.” Follow Danielle on Twitter @DanielleAbroad or @PurpleDanielleA.
    Chocolate Cake from Danielle Abroad
  • Alex in Wanderland: Shoutout to my Friday section editor Alexandra Baackes! Alex is a New York native who finally moved away to travel around the world, which she documents in her blog appropriately named Alex in Wanderland. It’s hard not to vicariously live through these blog posts: even just the first page of her blog displays articles about diving in Vietnam, windsurfing in Mui Ne, and canyoning in Dalat. Her favorite place to get lost? “Somewhere near a body of water, whether its scuba diving, whitewater rafting, or lazing around on a beach.” Visit Alex on Twitter @WanderlandAlex!
    Sand dunes from Alex in Wanderland
  • Trading Bagels for Baguettes: LG Europe Correspondent Sarah Brown’s travel blog entitled “Trading Bagels for Baguettes” speaks for itself: beyond being an absolute travel fanatic from a young age, she’s a self-proclaimed “language enthusiast, cheese fiend, and dyed-in-the-wool Francophile.” She spent a summer abroad in Paris and has been traveling ever since. Her favorite place to get lost? “On top of Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa.” Follow Sarah on Facebook or on Twitter @SarahEmilyBrown.
    Portugal from Trading Bagels for Baguettes
  • The Great Affair: LG Travel Correspondent Candace Rardon, currently based in London, shares her thoughts, images, and everything else travel-related on her blog The Great Affair. What’s it all about? “Seeking inspiration, opening yourself up to adventure, and falling in love with the world.” In the vein of constant change and growth, the once-entitled blog “Rare Travels” became The Great Affair with the entrance of the new year. Her favorite way to get lost? “Nothing beats train travel in my books.” She’s now back in London studying towards an MA in Travel Writing at Kingston University and excited about being so close to Europe again. Follow Candace on Facebook or on Twitter @CandaceRardon.
    Stevenson quote from The Great Affair
  • Legal Nomads: I think I’m in love with LG Contributor Jodi Ettenberg’s blog Legal Nomads. Formerly a lawyer from Montreal, Jodi quit her job after several years, trading it in for world travel, and has been moving ever since. The “Best of” link is a great way to introduce yourself to the blog, and it’s never too text heavy. I was drawn into the “Condiments from Around the World (And Why They Matter)” post as a notorious over-spicer myself, and was hit with a pang of jealousy and nostalgia upon reading her Hogmanay in Edinburgh post. The great posts don’t stop! Follow Jodi on Facebook or on Twitter @LegalNomads.
    Inle Lake from Legal Nomads


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