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By Meredith Kaufman
Special to Lost Girls 

With its extensive canals and modern architecture, Amsterdam is one of the most visually appealing cities to visit in Amsterdam. From the Red Light District, to the Van Gogh museum, to the city’s old windmills, Amsterdam packs a lot to see. For the Lost Girls looking to see a lot in a little time or trying to enjoy some outdoors time, Amsterdam by bike is the way to go.

How to rent

Renting a bike in Amsterdam is quick and easy and shops can be found throughout the city. If you’re looking to blend in with the Dutch cyclists, head to Bike City, which rents out Dutch bikes. Daily rates run from € 13.50. Tourist trying to plan their trip can spend significantly less at Star Bikes, located just behind Amsterdam Centraal Station. This reliable shop hasone of the lowest rates for € 7 for a whole day and € 5 for a half day. For those who prefer a guided tour, Mike’s Bike Tours offers 2.5-3 hour long bike tours around the city for €18 for adults and €16 for students.

Sites to see

Be sure bike over to Amsterdam’s East Docklands to check out some of their famous architecture and funky cafes. Next, head over to the De Gooyer windmill, located just within the city limits, which also functions as a beer brewery- a much needed treat as you pedal through the city. Once you’re refueled, bike down towards to Van Gogh museum to take some pictures in front of the I AMSTERDAM sign and to explore the beautiful homes located nearby. If you’re feeling up for one final stop, bike back up toward Jordaan, a hip neighborhood of Amsterdam similar to New York City’s Greenwich Village.

Lost Girls tips

Europeans are serious about their bikes and the Dutch are no exception. Biking is one of the most common modes of transportation and Lost Girls should avoid the city center area by Centraal Station during afternoon rush hour. While the Red Light District is one of Amsterdam’s most popular attractions, it’s best to visit it by foot due to the heavy tourist traffic and construction. Amsterdam is also a flat city, so Lost Girls not training for The Tour de France need be intimidated. Lastly, don’t forget to stop and marvel as the Dutch simultaneously hold a conversation with the cyclist next to them, while pushing their children is carts attached to the front of their bikes, all the while in high heels.


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