The Lost Girls’ Glamour Guide to the Festival Circuit

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By Leyla Kee-McParlin
Special to The Lost Girls

Spring is finally here—any mention of winter is now a distant memory—and extended, drizzle-free daylight turns office daydreamers into wannabe Woodstockians: The festival season is approaching!

Kickin’ It Indie

The UK festival scene is the most vivacious and exciting that it’s ever been. This year, the behemoth Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts—affectionately known as ‘Glasto’ to devotees—will be taking a year off from the festival season.

As a consequence, smaller festivals have a well-deserved chance to bask in the limelight. This year, I’ll be heading to the Green Man Festival amidst the beautiful Brecon Beacons in southern Wales for almost five days of being sans BlackBerry, playing hippie. So here’s the ultimate Lost Girls’ Guide to festival glamour, as mud does not necessarily a beauty routine make!

It goes without saying, a sufficient supply of a compact mirror, cleansing wipes, dry shampoo, hand sanitizer, and sunscreen are your enduring essentials, but here are a few tried-and-true perennials that I never neglect to pack!

The City Slicker
The urban dweller who treats her festival as her annual outdoors quota!

  • Lip and cheek stain: Perfect for providing city chic in the great outdoors; be nice to your complexion and extinguish the festival pallor. A stain will instantly give you rosy cheeks and juicy lips.
  • Detangler and defrizzer: Suddenly going rural can be a shock. Invest in a spray that detangles; it softens and soothes your sunburned and frizzed-out hair.

The Boho Babe
The carefree creature who rocks an eclectic beauty look and parties hard!

  • Concealer: Festivals often mean one thing for party girls: break-outs. An unhealthy combination of sweat, dirt, alcohol, and overdoing the junk food means blemishes and unsightly spots. A concealer will provide some damage control for this and create a natural coverage that doesn’t look too over-done.
  • Eyeliner: Ultimate boho chic comes from looking smoky and seductive. Opt for a strong, black liquid liner for maximum effect, but simple kohl will do the trick when it comes to defining your eyes.

The Minimalist
The too-cool-for-school lady who rocks a gorgeous low-maintenance look—everywhere!

  • 3-in-1 stick: For the minimalist, lugging around too many products is a no-no. These sticks are quite literally magic. A multi-purpose product that does eyes, cheeks, and lips. Simple.
  • Lip balm: Festivals aren’t really the occasion for an all-out glamorous lipstick; minimalists have been guarding a well-kept secret for years: lip balm. A nourishing lip balm with extra SPF for your lips will give them the attention they crave for after nights of dehydrating dancing.

The Earth Girl
The hippie chick who just wants to have fun and enjoy the music!

  • Deodorant: Having fun and dancing like no one is watching requires prep work and even the most intrepid adventurer knows the value of hygiene. It goes without saying, don’t forget it!
  • Aftersun: Hippie chicks should never neglect their post-sun skincare as they think they’re accustomed to it, from dawn till dusk having fun. Aftersun lotion contains vital moisturising ingredients for surviving sunny days and hectic evenings. Don’t underestimate its value for soothing gorgeous, sun-kissed earth girl skin.

The Nest Girl
The home bird that desperately misses her home comforts!

  • Waterproof mascara: If false lashes aren’t your thing, ensure that you pack a good waterproof mascara to transform those lashes into something stunning.
  • Hair rollers: Already discovered by British girls as a low-maintenance way to keep their hair salon standard, hair rollers are an ingenious tool for the nest girl to keep up with her luxurious, home hair care routine but without the stress.

Whatever your beauty regime, stick to one mantra: Keep it simple. An effortless, laid-back and summery look is a lot more attractive and achievable than a high-maintenance, all-out effort. Festivals are meant to be enjoyed and in true Lost Girl style, life is for living and events are for experiencing!

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Leyla is a 25-year-old beauty blogger who also enjoys writing on fashion, travel, and music topics. This year her must-see festival is Green Man 2012—look out for her tweets @DigitalLeyla.

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