Tips For Keeping Yourself Safe On Your Business Trip

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By Alexa Brooks

As a women business traveler you may find yourself traveling alone quite a bit, especially considering that even in this day and age many industries are still male dominated. Keeping a few simple safety tips in mind while you traverse your trips is crucial to keeping you safe and productive on the road.

En Route

  • Make sure your boss, significant others, and family have your complete itinerary. Even if your schedule changes equipping people with a basic idea can help in an emergency.
  • Use luggage tags, even if you do not plan to check anything make sure your carry-ons have your business card attached if misplaced. This is much better than lost luggage or having your home address accessible to others.
  • Try to save a call home until after you have arrived and settled in to your hotel not a good idea to call attention to yourself while taxing on the plane that you a new to an area and where you are off to.
  • Keep any super fancy jewelry to a minimum and avoid long jewelry that can be easily yanked off.
  • Know where you are going: research you route and mode of transportation to your hotel and meetings ahead of time and print and bring maps.

At Your Hotel

  • When checking in make sure the hotel staff does not mention your room number out loud. If they do announce your room number ask for a room change. Always ask for two keys so passersbys might think you are rooming with someone else.
  • Keep all valuables in a safe but make sure the code you assign it isn’t easily guessed as 1234.
  • Ask for your room to be on the upper floors and easily accessible to an elevator.
  • When ordering room service, confirm that the person at the door is actually from the hotel and be especially wary of answering the door to strangers.
  • Always keep the door locked and double check windows and sliding glass doors that the locking system works.

Keep Your Work Possessions Safe

  • While the most important thing while traveling on business is to keep yourself safe it is also vital to keep your work belonging safe. I can’t imagine what it would be like to show up to a meeting with a cracked laptop screen!
  • Your laptop is your lifeblood to your files, email, and so much more. When packing invest in a bag that correctly fits your size of laptop, don’t settle for a bag with no cushioning or support for your computer.
  • Also invest in a screen protector for your computer that can cut down on glare but can also serve as a privacy guard. Most likely you will be working in airports, on the plane and other public places the last thing you want is someone looking over your shoulder looking at private work documents! If you need to get up during your flight while you are working on your computer, put it to sleep and secure it before your go to the bathroom.
  • Be sure to plan for the worst case scenario pack an USB hard drive with vital documents if your computer crashes while traveling.

Stay tuned as next time we will be going over how to keep fit and healthy on the road!

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