Air Travel News 4.17.12

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by Nancy Yeomans

LG Air Travel Editor

Look up in the sky! It’s a bird….it’s a plane! No….it’s your weekly air travel news! Here’s what’s happening in the world of aviation, from the ground up. 

Timing Is Everything

By all accounts, the cost of a plane ticket is going to be doing nothing but rising in the coming months. Used to be you could wait it out and still score a deal as the date of your trip got closer. Not anymore. Up to 3 months out is where you’ll find the best prices on many popular routes this year. Better get started on planning that summer travel.  Source:  NYTimes

Less Lost Bags

Better news from the airline front; February 2012 was a record setter for on-time arrivals and fewer lost bags. Mother Nature certainly had a hand in this – this February was one of the most mild we’ve experienced in years. As for the baggage, the lower rate of lost bags may have something to do with the fact that more passengers are opting for carry-on to avoid checked baggage fees.  Source:  Chicago Tribune

Best Airline Credit Cards

Having a credit card that is affiliated with an airline is a great way to plump up your frequent flyer miles.  The problem is, which one is the best one for you? Such variables as annual fees, extra perks and how many miles per dollar spent all need to be factored in. Also in the mix: applying for too many cards could negatively affect your credit rating. At the very least, take advantage of the extra miles usually associated with signing up for a new card. They’re often enough to score a round-trip ticket.  Source:  Seattle Times

Lost Luggage For A Living

Ever wonder what happens to all the luggage lost by the airlines? Much of it gets sent to the Unclaimed Baggage Center in Alabama, but there are also some enterprising people who make their living off of our misfortune. See for yourself on the new Travel Channel series ‘Baggage Battles’.  Source:  Gadling

TSA – It’s Worse Than We Thought

If you’ve been creeped out by the thought of a random person checking out your stuff as you go through the bodyscanners at the airport, you’re instincts may have been right. A recent child porn sweep in Boston netted a TSA agent from Logan Airport. And this instance isn’t the first. Don’t they do a psychological check on these people to weed out the bad seeds??  Source:  Boston Herald

New Routes

Air France, Allegiant Air, British Airways, United Airlines and Virgin America are responsible for the new routes this week.  Source:  Jaunted

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