The LG Travel News Roundup: Science Explains Our Love of Beaches

Weekly Travel News — By on April 27, 2012 at 6:00 am

By Susmita Baral
LG News Intern

Missed the big travel stories of the week? And the weird, wacky and insignificant ones? We’ve got your roundup right here…

Psychology of the BeachSeaside Psychology
Anyone can tell you that a stroll on the beach is relaxing and peaceful, but now science can back it up! A recently published two-year study took 2,750 subjects ranging from the ages of eight to 80 and found that all outdoor locales led to positive feelings. Upon further investigation, the researchers found that the most positive feelings were associated with the beach and the least were with urban parks. Source: Daily Mail

Penguin Theft
Three young tourists from Wales broke into Sea World in Australia to swim with dolphins and steal a penguin. Authorities arrested the young men, who were allegedly drunk when committing the crime, after one of the men boasted about their feat on Facebook. The penguin, 7-year-old Dirk, is recovering at Sea World. Source: NBC

Nude Beach Hookups: A Big No No
The Wisconsin River has long provided a sanctuary to nudist travelers, but now has a little problem on their hands: Visitors are having sex in the woods. This has led The Department of Natural Resources to make the decision to close off the woods for visitors. What’s the allure of the woods? Officials have no answer since the woods are filled with ivy, mosquitoes and nettles. Source: USA Today

What Can Your Airline Miles Get You?
What do airline miles get you these days? A free ticket to Las Vegas? A free upgrade on an international flight? Turns out, your options are unlimited. 177,000 miles on Air Canada will get you a leather jacket autographed by George Clooney, 52,500 miles on Emirates will get you a private dining experience in the desert and 21,000 miles on Lufthansa will get you a lifetime supply of socks! Source: ABC
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