Lost In Korea: Making Any Place Feel Like Home

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by Kissairis Munoz

When you move to a foreign country, adjusting to a new language, culture and area is overwhelming. Some days, you want to just escape to the comfort of your home and relax. But when your apartment is a pre-arranged place that you had no role in choosing or furnishing, it can turn into just another source of stress. But it doesn’t have to be this way! Here are some tips I’ve learned this last year to make anywhere you live feel like home.

Add some photos 

Seeing some familiar faces, even just in a photo, can do wonders on a tough day. Stick a few on the fridge or frame one in your living room.

Bring something special

Take something personal from home that’s important to you. For me, it was throwing a few medals I’ve earned running races and a stuffed animal (or three) into my suitcase. It’ll give your place some personality and it’s comforting to remember you’re still the same person.

Give it a personal touch

It’s challenging to decorate when you’re somewhere temporary. It’s a waste to make any major changes because you’ll be leaving it all behind anyway. But adding a few personal touches will make your place feel like it’s really yours and not just a place to sleep at. Buy some throw pillows, switch that desk lamp or add a plant.  It doesn’t need to be anything major — you’re not trying to get featured on HGTV— but it will make your place feel homier.

Throw some friends into the mix

While I love alone time, there’s something about playing host that gives me fuzzy feelings about wherever I am living. Throw a girls’ brunch, have a movie night or invite some friends over for some wining and dining. Soon you’ll have lots of great memories of times in your new home.

Become friendly with neighbors

You don’t need to become best friends — and if you don’t speak the same language, chances are you might never even have a conversation. But exchanging smiles and pleasantries with those who live around you will help you feel like the real deal and not just someone passing through.

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  • ITC says:

    Having little things from home really helps with the loneliness. Foreigners in areas like this seek each other out and overcome their differences. It’s all very worthwhile in the end.