Exploring Beatlemania in Liverpool

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By Victoria Drexel 
Special to Lost Girls 

While thousands of Beatles Fans head to Abby Road every year and precariously try to cross the busy street and snap the perfect picture without getting run over they should really be heading north to where it all began, Liverpool. The home of the Fab Four is quickly shedding its “doggy” reputation and becoming a thriving place to be and a travel alternative to Britain’s well beaten path, in part, by cashing in on its significant role in Beatle History. A hardcore fan could spend days in Liverpool and do nothing but relish in its most famous sons.

Trains, buses, even boats could get you to Liverpool but unless you can find a yellow submarine to take you the most Beatle way to arrive is John Lennon airport. From there you can take one of the buses that run every 30min into the city, singing “A Ticket to Ride” is optional but since you just started your pilgrimage your enthusiasm might be too much to contain.

Next, you can set your bags down and check into the upscale Hard Day’s Night Hotel in the center of Liverpool and if you’ve saved up you can even stay in the Lennon or McCartney suits, but both are priced well over a thousand US dollars. A normal room in the themed hotel will be closer to a hundred dollars, more than what a hostel would cost but no hostel will have Blake’s Restaurant, serving traditional British dishes and named after Sergeant Pepper album cover artist Sir Peter Blake. The Hard Day’s Night Hotel is also perfectly located adjacent to the legendary Cavern Club.

Beatle historians know the Cavern Club as the place that started it all, where manager Brian Epstein first saw The Beatles performing in 1961 and where Beatlemania sprouted from. The original club closed in 1973, and was filled in during construction work on the underground rail loop but The New Cavern Club was opened in 1984 using many of the original bricks to rebuild the site. Today, catching a live performance and having a pint is a must do for all fans, and make sure not to miss the John Lennon statue outside.

After arriving in Liverpool, checking into the world only Beatles themed hotel, and spending some time in the Cavern Club there is still a full days’ worth of Beatles fun to be had. The Magical Mystery Tour takes fans past a few familiar names, Penny Lane, Strawberry Field, and Eleanor Rigby’s grave all the while playing your favorite songs. The Beatles museum located on the renovated Albert Docks also has replicas of all of these and an elaborate walk through of the Beatles story, from the Fab 4’s childhoods to their time in Germany, past the Cavern Club, and beyond into super stardom. There’s also a special section dedicated to John Lennon’s global anthem, “Imagine,” including original Lennon art and his white piano. At the museum you can buy separate tickets to the Fab 4D experience at the Pier Head in the Mersey Ferry Terminal, which is fun, even if a bit corny. But, before you head on, take a coffee break at the Beatles themed Starbucks.

If you are still looking for more Beatles, you are a real fan, you may even want to look into obsessions when you get home, but while you’re still in Liverpool you should go by 20 Forthlin Rd, former McCartney family home, and Mendips, John Lennon’s home from 1945 to 1963. On your way back to the hotel, stop next door at the Official Beatles Store and buy something to remember your Beatles pilgrimage by.




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