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Even if you can’t make it to the race in New York, you can still join our team and collect pledges via to be eligible for the grand prize trip to Machu Picchu in Peru! The Lost Girls will give you the tools you need to plan your own Runaway Bridesmaids fundraising happy hour in your hometown. The catch: You’ll have to ask your friends (guys included!) to put on their old bridesmaids, prom, wedding, or any fancy ol’ dresses (or borrow a pal’s) to wear to the happy hour. Creative alterations are welcome!

The back story: This here pic of The Lost Girls was taken last summer in New York City, when Amanda met Jen and Holly out for happy hour after coming from picking up her navy blue bridesmaids dress for Holly’s October wedding. Amanda loved it so much, she couldn’t wait to put it on! So she slipped into it right at the bar. People kept asking what the deal was with the bridesmaids dress, and it turned out to be a great conversation starter. (It’s wedding season for The Lost Girls! Holly got married in October, 2011; Jen got married in June, 2012; and now Amanda is getting married in April 2013.)

Win fun prizes! Don’t forget to snap a picture of you and your dress-wearing entourage at your RB fundraising event. Share pics on The Lost Girls Facebook page or send a TwitPic to @lostgirlsworld along with how much you’ve raised via And remember, the more Facebook likes or retweets your Runaway Bridesmaids pictures get, the more people will like you!

Runaway Bridesmaids Happy-Hour Planning Checklist


Before the party…

  • Know the venue. Decide whether you want to have your party at a local bar or host it at your own home.
  • Have a goal.  A good place to start would be inviting 15 of your friends, family, and co-workers and asking for a $30 per person donation. So your goal might be to raise $450.
  • Send out your invites at least a week in advance. Take 1 minute to join the Runaway Bridesmaids team on by clicking here, and then simply share your Project Page with everyone you know. All you have to do is copy and paste a link to your fundraising page, along with the event date, time, and place. Go ahead and blast your Facebook friends, tweet about it, and email everyone in your inbox. Even if people can’t attend, they can still donate and help you get closer to winning the grand prize trip to Peru–click here to find out more. Crowdrise even lets you keep track of offline donations such as cash and checks you’ve received. Most people you know will donate, but for those who don’t, send them this here picture of a napkin in lieu of a birthday present.
  • Enlist local businesses. Think about businesses in your area who might be willing to help, such as a pizza place to donate food or a bar that might offer you drink specials as an incentive for people to attend. You might score in-kind donations of supplies from stores, local farmers—dream big! Print this SampleLetterforBusinesses so you’ll be able to present them with all the information you need to convince them to give, and they’ll be able to use their donations as a tax write off. Also remind them that the more the business donates to worthy causes, the more customers will like them.

Day of the Party…

  • Get your dress on. Slip into your most outrageous dress, wear sparkly makeup, and gather friends or co-workers to help you decorate. We suggest printing out and hanging up this picture of a napkin.
  • Set up a donation table. Put a table near the door, fire up your laptop, and have it set to your fundraiser page on Those happy hour specials may pull on people’s heartstrings to inspire them to donate even more. Or use bribery: Tell them that the person who raises the most money for Runaway Bridesmaids wins a trip to Peru, and that you’ll let them come with you if you win.
  • Have a blast doing good!


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