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If you’re really bored or just procrastinating at work, please read every single question. If you have a burning question that is not answered here—and if it pertains to Runaway Bridesmaids, The Lost Girls, happy hours, or improving your running time—please email holly at

Who are The Lost Girls?
Travel junkies, on-the-fly foodies and real-life best buds Holly Corbett, Amanda Pressner, and Jennifer Baggett—also known as The Lost Girls—spend their spare moments seeking out life-changing adventures throughout the US and around the world.

Their journey together began when The Lost Girls decided to quit their media jobs and New York City lives in order to embark on yearlong, 60,000-mile circumnavigation of the globe. Voyaging across four continents and more than a dozen countries, these friends dove headlong into exotic new experiences, sampling the best—and the weirdest!—of what the world had to offer.

Theirs was an odyssey so rewarding, and so addicting, that they vowed to never stop exploring or traveling as a trio. Now, they’re jumping on planes (and occasionally, out of them), climbing mountains and tumbling over waterfalls as the featured Girl Getaway experts on

How did The Lost Girls come to partner with New Light?

When we traveled the world together for a year, one of our most life-changing trip experiences happened when we volunteered through Village Volunteers at a school in Kenya and worked with pre-teen girls. We vowed to help girls in need have a shot at an education and other opportunities that we were fortunate enough to have simply due to chance and geography. Then Holly read the book Half the Sky and wanted to join the fight to help break the cycle of sex trafficking. So now we’re teaming up with Village Volunteer’s partner New Light, an organization that gives shelter to the kids of sex workers in India’s largest red light district.

Where did the Runaway Bridesmaids idea come from?

It all began when The Lost Girls asked ourselves a question that many women have often pondered: What were we going to do with our old bridesmaid dresses that our married pals swore we could totally wear again?

Rather than let them collect dust in our closets, we decided to prove our bride friends right and zip into them again. Except now we’re strapping on running shoes instead of heels to race and raise money to support girls in need. And we’re daring you to join us by putting on your old dresses to collect pledges to build a shelter for the kids of sex workers.

Why is breaking the cycle of sex trafficking so important?

Roughly three million women and girls worldwide are victims of this modern-day slave trade—and many die in their late 20s of AIDS. (In comparison, the peak year of the trans-Atlantic African slave trade was just under 80,000). New Light’s founder Urmi Basu decided to fight back while others stood by. She used her savings and grants to build shelters for the kids of sex workers in India’s largest red light district to help prevent another generation of under-age sex workers. By supporting Runaway Bridesmaids, you’re giving kids living in the red light district HOPE.

I’m not a runner. Can I still join the Runaway Bridesmaids team for the Fifth Avenue Mile?

Anybody can be part of our team–whether you’ve never run a mile in your life or are a seasoned athlete. You can walk if you have to because we’re not trying to break any records here–except the record for getting the most people ever to wear dresses for a race.

I want my boyfriend to do it with me, but he won’t wear a dress! How can I convince him?

You might try telling him that women find men who wear dresses more erotic than reading 50 Shades of Grey. Or reassure him that there will be other guys at the race wearing dresses. By teaming up, we can begin to break the cycle of sex trafficking.

I think exercise is a form of cruel and unusual punishment. How can I help?

Take 1 minute to donate here on Or host your own Runaway Bridesmaids happy hour to help break the cycle of sex trafficking. Like we said, join our fundraising team on to spread the message and collect pledges. Then motivate your friends to join you with wearing their old (or borrowed!) bridesmaids or prom dresses to happy hour by bribing them with drink specials.

I heard something about fun prizes. What can I win?

There will be TONS of fun prizes offered as the fundraiser gets into full swung, but here is what you can get for starters:

1. Free books! The first 25 people who register for the Fifth Avenue Mile and raise at least $250 as part of our fundraising team on gets a free autographed copy of The Lost Girls memoir at the race.

2. A trip to Peru! The one who collects the most pledges for Runaway Bridesmaids and New Light scores a trip to Peru’s Machu Picchu courtesy of Adventure Life, the leading authentic travel company. Imagine spending your well-deserved vacation days walking through the mystical town of Cusco and exploring the ancient ruins high in the Andes Mountains–all because you did good.

3. The New Light shelter named after you! That’s right–by the time we finish both the Fifth Avenue Mile and the NYC Marathon, the person who raises the most money for Runaway Bridesmaids 2012 (as long as it is more than $20,000) gets the New Light shelter named after him or her in their honor. Your name will be forever remembered by the women and children who have benefited from your generosity.

What can I do with my old bridesmaids dress after I’ve worn it for a Runaway Bridesmaids event?

We suggest you dry clean it and put it back to good use by donating it to You’ll give that dress a new life and give a girl in need a prom dress to wear.

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