Pain in the neck.

Runaway Bridesmaids — By on September 15, 2012 at 6:34 pm

It’s Sera here, checking in again on NYC marathon training for Runaway Bridesmaids as promised.  I’m not so sure I’m on que for my “weekly” check in, I might be late, but I’m here and making the time to connect with you – and really, connect back with me and the intentions I made to be aware of my time during this training.

I’ll just get the important news out up front: I couldn’t do my long run today.  I was on target to run a 15 miler after a half marathon last weekend…and here I sit, instead writing you with ice on my neck.  Yes, literally, I have a BAD pain in my neck.  It might be a pinched nerve, an inflamed disc – not so sure at this point, but I know I need to rest (thanks to the coaching of a few good friends) – and in truth, resting might just be a bigger pain in the neck for me at this point than the physician pain itself.

I don’t want to stop running (physically – as in training for the race) or around like I can save the world and all my tasks in it right now.  Sit on the couch – huh?  Do you know how many fabulous fall things and very important errands (hello, Target) I could be doing right now.  Sitting on the couch and taking care of myself just seems silly.  Really?

As I realize how ridiculous I am to not take advantage of this opportunity to slow down (wasn’t I begging for that in my last post), it feels even more ridiculous to not recognize what my body is trying to tell me right now (which I think I already knew in my last post, didn’t I)?  I am not respecting my time, my body  and/or my boundaries right now and my body is saying Sera, you are a pain in the neck…your crazy ways must stop.

I am choosing to listen.  My goals for the rest of the weekend include, ice, movies, heat, healthy dinner, (maybe just a few emails for work…just a few) and, most importantly, NO RUNNING.  Can we all please remember this ridiculousness of me not wanting to rest when I want to cry about a long run or how many days I have to run each week with this NYRR training plan in the coming weeks?  Seriously.  🙂

Who’s had a similar issue with injuries before?  Please tell me I’m not crazy


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