Runaway Bridesmaids Mission: To Meet America

Runaway Bridesmaids — By on September 12, 2012 at 9:24 pm

This is Runaway Bridesmaids marathon-runner-in-training Holly here. I got really fired up to fight sex trafficking and to help New Light shelter by starting Runaway Bridesmaids after reading Half the Sky and finding out what a huge problem it is—right here in places like California, New Jersey, and Florida—as well as around the world. Then I heard that the husband-wife authors of the book, Nicolas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn, would be talking about their upcoming Half the Sky PBS documentary at a 92Y lecture in New York last Sunday (LOVE the 92Y–they have some amazing speakers lined up this fall!). And I heard that Ugly Betty star America Ferrera would be there because she spent time at New Light and was filmed there for the documentary!

I hopped a bus from Syracuse, New York to New York City with the hopes of meeting America and telling her about Runaway Bridesmaids, and our crazy idea that running 26.2 miles IN DRESSES could somehow raise some money to help the women and children who are waiting for their shelter at New Light, for that place to call home. Seriously, I had the conversation all planned out in my head and knew exactly what I would say to her when I beat the crowds to greet her at the end of of the lecture. I arrived just in time for the talk…but found out that America had to change her plans.

So I didn’t get to meet America after all, but got to see part of her segment at New Light at the event. I’ll share a clip of it here so you can see New Light for yourself, and know that your donations will make a difference in a child’s life. America, thanks to being an inspiration to us, and for spreading the message about New Light.

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