The Winners of the 5th Avenue Mile Runaway Bridesmaids

Runaway Bridesmaids — By on September 24, 2012 at 1:10 pm

The first-ever Runaway Bridesmaids race happened this Saturday at The 5th Avenue Mile in New York City. The men and women who dressed up and showed up made the race so much
fun–and such a success. And they all looked beautiful doing it!

How our Runaway Bridesmaids Racers made a difference: We have raised almost $7300 so far to help build another shelter for New Light in one of India’s biggest red light districts and for the children of sex workers because you all put on dresses and ran to raise awareness about the fight against sex trafficking. Five of us are going on to run 26.2 miles in dresses for the New York City Marathon on November 4th. If you want to continue to help us fundraise, check out our page at

The Runaway Bridesmaids team was so much fun because we truly had an amazing mix of people. Ours was a group of travel lovers, hard-core fitness enthusiasts, foodies, runners in training, and all-around passionate individuals. Each one runner should be proud that you did good this weekend and gave back, but here are a few shot outs:

Grand Prize Winner: A big congrats to Mr. David Tropiano for raising nearly $1500 on Crowdrise. He wins an trip to the ancient ruins of Machu Picchu in Peru (hotel, food, air fare included). Thank you to Adventure Life and Airline Ambassadors for sponsoring the prize.

First place finisher: Congrats to Mr. Matthew Daniele, the big guy in the green dress who, despite all the cat calls from the women on the sidelines, persevered to win first place in
the Runaway Bridesmaids heat with a 5:54 mile.

Furthest Traveler: We had runners from DC and Philly come to NYC especially for the Runaway Bridesmaids event. The RB runner who traveled the furthest distance to be here for the big race is Lindsay Hartfiel, who flew in from Wisconsin. She’s the editor of Native Foreigner magazine.

Best accessories: Stephanie Meyers, who not only ran in a lemon-yellow bridesmaids dress, but who was perfectly polished with her pearls and cute little clutch. Way to tie the look together Steph!

Biggest trooper: Barry Vargas, for completing the mile despite a recent knee surgery. Barry, you are amazing!

The Man Who Looked Best in Purple: Cheers to Darren Garnick, who rocked that purple dress all the way to the finish line.

Best guy in sequins:  Kevin Brennan vowed to his wife Jen that he would do the mile in a dress only if we raised $7500 by race day, and we were so close that he slipped into a little silver sequined dress for the run–and continued to wear it all day at the after-party at Connolly’s Pub’s.

Best Line of the Day: 
Female Police Officer to Matt Gennone on his way to the race, who was wearing a one-shoulder black dress:
”You look very sexy.”

Runaway Bridesmaids racer Matt Gennone: “Don’t sexually harass me, officer! I’m wearing this to help fight sex trafficking.”

I could go on, but let’s just say the day was awesome and I can’t wait to do it again next year.

To keep up to date on the Runaway Bridesmaids marathon team (our runners are flying in from as far as South Korea) and for info on our TBA October fundraising event, go to

Cheers to our Runaway Bridesmaids team for an amazing race!!

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