Timing is Everything.

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I’m new to the Lost Girls blog and a little hesitant to start blogging in prep for our upcoming marathon training, but I’ve been putting it off for too long, so here is goes.  One of my fears, I suppose. in starting to write for the blog is that I won’t write anything entertaining, anything that you, the reader, might be able to relate too or, most predominately, that I’ll embarrass myself and waste your time and mine in writing….and the truth of it all is that I feel like time is a rare commodity here lately.

I’m a girl that lives to be busy and sqeeze all I can out of life all day, everyday.  I feel like I run from one thing to the next to the next on turbo charge daily.  I am involved in so many different things – outside of a demanding job (that I love), I organize a race that fundraises for a cause that is dear to my heart, I try to spend time connecting with family and friends and I decided to squeeze in training for a marathon.  This, is why I feel, time is of the essence and why, I have been telling myself I don’t have “time” to write here.  I share this with you in hopes that you’ll relate and potentially understand – or my more hopeful self says, you’ll see how ridiculous this is and if you run in circles trying to get it all done like I am, you’ll stop and consider slowing down, which is just what I’ve been trying to unravel for months.  I know its my choice to involved myself in so much, but its so fun – I mean, Runaway Bridesmaids??  I couldn’t miss out on this opportunity to connect with such a great group of women to raise money and awarness for such a great cause.  In truth, the training for this race has really put a new, fresh structure in my life and a different appreciation for my time.  Its made me shift my time to “make time” for taking care of myself, for training my body one day at a time for this race – and that in itself has been a huge reminder to me.   A reminder that reaching a goal, in my expereince, is just us much about the journey as it is about the outcome.

So, I promise to you here, to work on making the time to check in with you weekly on how this training is going and how I’m doing on my journey with training and respecting my time.  Because in the end we all get the same 24 hours, right?  Its what we do with them that counts.


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