Training for the New York City Marathon in Whistler

Runaway Bridesmaids — By on September 4, 2012 at 10:23 am

Holly running in Whistler

Hey, it’s Holly and I’m one of a group of women training with the Runaway Bridesmaids team for the New York City marathon. We’ll be running 26.2 miles—in dresses! As we’re raising money to help fight sex trafficking, we’ll be keeping a weekly blog to keep you updated on our progress as we countdown to race day—and to let you know we’re not slacking!

Last weekend I was traveling to Whistler with to cover the Wanderlust Festival, an amazing event that features live music, yoga, inspirational speakers, and farm-to-table food.

Normally my favorite way to explore a new place is to jog through it, but I was a little nervous about getting in my long training run of 13 miles. Not only is my sense of direction terrible, I was worried that I’d come face-to-face with one of the black bears I kept hearing locals saying were as common as squirrels in my hometown in Upstate New York.

However, when I got to Whistler and saw the majestic snow-capped mountains and cobalt-blue glacial lakes, I got all energized to strap on my sneakers and see more of the scenery. Lucky for me, I happened to find a local woman named Marianne who loved going out for long runs and who volunteered to take me through the Whistler half-marathon loop that she had trained for a few seasons back.

It was the first time I’d done a long run with another a person—and without listening to my iPod! When we made it back to the village after running 13.1 miles at about an 8:45 pace, I couldn’t believe it was already over (and Marianne couldn’t believe we didn’t encounter a single black bear–only droppings). Normally I have to mentally will myself to keep going after mile 8 and distract myself by listening to The Black Eyed Peas. This time, I was too busy talking to Marianne and admiring the gorgeous landscape to focus on my aching body. Thank you, thank you Marianne for being my running guide!

Afterwards, I had a huge breakfast of eggs, toast, and Canadian bacon before heading to the Wanderlust Festival for a yin yoga class. For all you runners out there, I highly recommend doing a restorative or yin yoga class after a long run. Yin is like a self massage for your body because you hold the poses for 3 to 8 minutes to flush lactic acid from your muscles and get deeper into your connective tissues.  For all my worry about fitting in my long-distance run while on the road, Whistler turned out to be the perfect place to train.

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