With their 28th birthdays looming, three friends quickly rocketing towards management positions, mortgages, and marriages, all share a similar fear: Is this what they want, or what they think they should want?

Feeling in serious need of perspective, they decide to leave it all behind, quit their jobs, and begin an epic search for meaning and enlightenment. Traveling 60,000 miles around the world, from the mountains and jungles of South America to the beaches of Australia, passing through Kenya, India, Southeast Asia, and New Zealand along the way, the trio will not only find themselves, but a lifelong friendship.

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The Lost Girls are gathering a Runaway Bridesmaids team to put old dresses back to use by running in them (yes, guys too!) and collecting pledges (click here to donate!) to help fight sex trafficking. The money goes to Village Volunteers‘ (the organization that we volunteered with in Kenya) partner New Light—an organization providing shelter, healthcare, education, and HOPE for the children of sex workers in India’s largest red light district.

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‘Lost Girls’ tout travel to aid career

‘Lost Girls’ tout travel to aid career
From the Boston Herald by Darren Garnick: As an editor and internship coordinator for both Self and Shape magazines, Amanda...
Apr 9, 2014 16:29

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