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Why Travel Makes You Care

It’s no secret that to really care about a place and to better understand people from a different culture, you have to go there. Traveling to distant lands helped me to realize that people are more alike than we are different. Whether you’re from Mongolia or Manhattan, we all have the same basic...
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3 Destination Road Races That Give Back

From Run in any one of these races happening in cool places this fall, and you’ll be able to do good while exploring a new location.  Whether you need extra motivation to train and break your personal record—or just an excuse to take a road trip—consider registering for a race...
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The Winners of the 5th Avenue Mile Runaway Bridesmaids

The first-ever Runaway Bridesmaids race happened this Saturday at The 5th Avenue Mile in New York City. The men and women who dressed up and showed up made the race so much fun–and such a success. And they all looked beautiful doing it! 

How our Runaway Bridesmaids Racers made a difference:...
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Runaway Bridesmaids Mission: To Meet America

This is Runaway Bridesmaids marathon-runner-in-training Holly here. I got really fired up to fight sex trafficking and to help New Light shelter by starting Runaway Bridesmaids after reading Half the Sky and finding out what a huge problem it is—right here in places like California, New Jersey, and...
September 12th, 2012 | Runaway Bridesmaids | Read More

Timing is Everything.

I’m new to the Lost Girls blog and a little hesitant to start blogging in prep for our upcoming marathon training, but I’ve been putting it off for too long, so here is goes.  One of my fears, I suppose. in starting to write for the blog is that I won’t write anything entertaining,...
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Training for the New York City Marathon in Whistler

Training for the New York City Marathon in Whistler
Hey, it’s Holly and I’m one of a group of women training with the Runaway Bridesmaids team for the New York City marathon. We’ll be running 26.2 miles—in dresses! As we’re raising money to help fight sex trafficking, we’ll be keeping a weekly blog to keep you updated...
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Runaway Bridesmaids FAQs

If you’re really bored or just procrastinating at work, please read every single question. If you have a burning question that is not answered here—and if it pertains to Runaway Bridesmaids, The Lost Girls, happy hours, or improving your running time—please email holly at
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Host a Runaway Bridesmaids Happy Hour

Even if you can’t make it to the race in New York, you can still join our team and collect pledges via to be eligible for the grand prize trip to Machu Picchu in Peru! The Lost Girls will give you the tools you need to plan your own Runaway Bridesmaids fundraising happy hour in your...
June 23rd, 2012 | Parties, Festivals & Events, Volunteering & Giving Back | Read More