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Ask The Travel Coach: Keeping The Dream Alive – Staying Inspired During Travel Prep

Welcome back to our info-packed monthly feature, Ask the Travel Coach! Life Sabbatical Coach Tara Russell has joined the Lost Girls team to act as our resident Travel Coach in Residence to answer questions from readers on topics from saving for travel to taking a career sabbatical. Readers, submit...
March 27th, 2012 | Lost in the Mail, Planning | Read More

Happy Passport Day… Tomorrow!

Words and Photos by Alexandra Baackes It’s a cliché because it’s true- a passport is a key to a whole new world. Unfortunately many Americans are still missing that key. Since the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative passed in 2007, the oft-quoted statistic that only 20% of Americans have passports...
March 9th, 2012 | Passports & Visas | Read More