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Chose a route Believe it or not, this was actually one of the most effortless parts of our travel planning. The Lost Girls agreed that if we had any hopes of making it around the globe before going broke, we’d have to select countries where we could survive on little more than a greenback and smile.

Packed for a Year Forget roomy suitcases and oversized carry-on baggage: Every we’d need to survive for the next 365 days, including clothes, shoes, toiletries, medical supplies, hiking gear, guidebooks, cameras and yes, our computer, needed to be crammed into a backpack not much larger than the average six-pack cooler.

Stayed Safe on the Road While living in New York City practically qualifies as self-defense education, we knew that the bob-and-weave maneuvers we’d learned at designer sample sales wouldn’t help us much on the road. So, we found better ways to protect ourselves-without resorting to kung fu.

Gave Notice at Work Cold sweats. Bad dreams. Few things inspired as much panic than the idea of walking into our boss’ office and quitting our dream jobs.

Kept in Touch Since our cell phones barely work in the States-let alone the Amazon-we had to find creative ways to babble on and on and on…and on… So, we set up a Skype account and started this website.

Stayed Cute and Fit Not that we’re high maintenancece (goodness no!) but it does take a tiny bit of work-and the right products-to keep The Lost Girls looking fabulous. Here’s how the magic happens…

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