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Kudos to designer Tracey E. Schmitt, who designed the kick ass logos and illustrations that will be going up on our main site, Here are some examples of her excellent work. If you like one more than the others, write and let us know! The site itself it getting there; we’re a few steps closer to sending the thing out to editors, PR folks and the general public.

My editor at Brides let me know about another cool blog that we should check out. It was written by two fabulous PR chicks who basically did the same thing we hope to do; kiss our jobs/bosses/old life goodbye and hotfoot it around the globe.

Tomorrow, the Lost Girls are getting together for our first-ever photo shoot to take picture for the website. We fould a great photographer, Patrick Sasso, willing to take the shots at rate we can afford (which is to say, practically nothing). Here’s hoping grand master Patrick can make us look worldly–and skinny!

We’re also looking for a good site to host photos and video when we’re on the road. If you’ve got any ideas, please feel free to drop us a comment. In fact, if you have any advice for us as fellow travelers—must see spots, great gear to buy, stomach turning foods to avoid–feel free to let ‘er rip. Unlike other bloggers, we solicit advice.

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