Pump Up the Jambo

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So when Lost Girl Stephanie Davis, told us she was leaving New York, she wasn’t F&(@#ing around. Before anyone could stop her, this former GQ princess had made a clean getaway to Queens and somehow stowed away on a flight to Africa. And wouldn’t ya know it, before she left the girl also snuck into my apartment and snatched my world traveler backpack to stash all of her Earl Jeans and crisp cotton shirts in (oh well…probably time for a new one anyway). So, upon her return from a multi village tour of Kenya, I asked her to recount her journey here on the LG Blog, so the we could all read about her unbelievably great time. Here’s what Ms. Stephanie thought of her adventure…the full length version can be found in an upcoming issue of Skirt Atlanta, the publication she left Manhattan (and us!) to head up. Don’t tell her….but we’re really proud of our Lost Girl.


“Jambo! So, being the “honorary” Lost Girl that I am, I decided to trump my soon-to-be-world-traveling best friends and head to Africa early. (Purely reconnaissance work on their behalf, of course.) After arriving in Kenya via a layover in Amsterdam I promptly fell into my bed at a Nairobi hotel only to wake 11 hours later. Yes, the time difference is a bitch. (I highly recommend KLM airlines and Kenya Airways by the way–much nicer employees and better eats than some US based providers.) The next morning, I hopped a tiny Safari Link plane (take your Dramaminee ladies) and headed for the bush. Destination: Loisaba. It’s a wild game reserve on the edge of Kenya’s Northern Territories. I stayed at Loisaba Starbeds which is—in a word—insane. The Starbeds are on large platforms built high up off the ground on stilts and covered by a straw thatch roof. The insane part? The beds can be wheeled out from under the roof onto a porch, where you can sleep beneath the stars overlooking the entire game valley. There is nothing like it. As elephants, monkeys and hyenas all made their way past my hut at night, I just curled up under the down blankets and stared up at the twinkling sky. While this resort was truly remarkable, the best part of my trip was hands down visiting the local tribe that lives nearby. The Samburu people (similar to the Masaai tribe to the East) are so friendly. Draped in warrior red and colorful jewelry, they danced and sang for us for hours and I couldn’t take my eyes off of them. I was able to attend the village during a mating ceremony where the young men jump as high as they can to show off for the available women. Let’s just say if there were an NBA scout around, these guys would’ve been signing plump rookie contracts. (Some of them were jumping over four feet in height!) This tribe had very little in the ways of material things. Their huts were made with cowdung walls and stick roofs. The children were all running around with no shoes and their cattle are their only form of wealth. And while they didn’t have much, I’ve never seen so many people happy with so little. And if it’s one thing you’ll learn on your travels ladies, it’s how to appreciate all that you have back home. I can’t wait to hear about your own African adventure. It’s a magical country.

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