Packing Hell…

Leaving & Coming Home, Lost Girls RTW Adventure, Packing & Wardrobe, Planning — By on May 27, 2006 at 5:27 pm

As anyone who’s lost hours of their life scraping invisible shreds of packing tape from a roll can attest, moving day–and the week leaving up to it-truly suck. Actually, we hear it’s a little like childbirth in that it’s supposed to be miserable, but you have to be the one actually doing it to experience just how much.

Jen and I are spending one of NYC’s most gorgeous Saturdays inside our stuffy apartment, trying to sort out exactly which items to keep, chuck, donate, send home, throw in my Aunt’s damp basement for the next year and which precious things will actually make the trip around the world with us. Sounds pretty easy and orderly, but in the last week, we’ve found ourselves staring at the same items again, and again and again, utterly confused about where they should go.

I guess I should be grateful that we’ve all gotten this far, and that we’re really, finally getting ready to leave after planning and talking about this trip for so long. There was a big part of me that was convinced something would happen–that one or all of us would chicken out, that Jen would get a job offer she couldn’t refuse or Holly would decide to move to Los Angeles with Enver. But, we’ve had the going away party, finished up our final days at work (Jen was at the office last night ’til 4:00am!!), booked the airline tickets and are finalizing itineraries. With a resounding knock on wood, everything’s going well. Let’s hope our good luck continues!

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