Alpaca-n Some Heat! (Warning: Extreme Dorkiness Ahead!)

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We brought rain-covers for our backpacks, SPF 30 sunscreen to protect our pasty city-girl skin and a first-aid kit that would make any emergency medical technician proud. The one thing The Lost Girls didn’t really prepare for? The frostbitten evenings and Icelandic temperatures that we’d encounter in Cusco, a city that might as well be home to Santa and his reindeer after the sun sinks behind the Andes.
At first, we tried to make do with our single set of long johns and lightweight fleeces, but after a few nights sleeping in every single stitch of our clothing (and still freezing our asses off in unheated hostel dorm rooms) we threw out the fashion rules we’d been clinging to and splurged on some serious Alpaca outerwear. At $12 per sweater and $3 per hat, the prices may be pretty, but we sure aren’t!

As New Yorkers who once thought that wearing brown and black together should constitute an arrest from the style police, we’re not proud of the pictures we’ve attached. But, in the spirit of honesty as both LGs and world travelers, we thought that you should see what qualifies as high fashion on the Gringo Trail…enjoy!

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  • Sara says:

    ahahahaha!!! thats funny- alpaca-n some heat. Glad to see you girls are at least staying warm now! good luck on the trail in the days to come!

  • amanda's sister says:

    i still think you look hot!