Food Fight

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Eating exotic new dishes and sampling local delicacies can certainly be one of the best parts of traveling abroad, but the Lost Girls learned today that satisfying our stomachs isn’t an enjoyable afterthought-food is absolutely essential to our collective group happiness. Without regularly scheduled feedings, we’re reduced to a trio of Lost babies, our dangerously low blood sugar the driving force behind some pretty uncool crankiness.

To explain…

After convulsing all night with shivers in our latest hostel and realizing that our icebox of a room didn’t get hot water (an absolute bottom line essential), we decided to pay a bit more for a lovely, warm triple at the Hotel Nino, located right next door. By the time we’d packed our things, checked out of one place and into another, showered and gotten ready for the day (1 bathroom/3 girls = 2 hours), it was early afternoon, and none of us had eaten so much as a piece of toast. Bad news. While we didn’t understand it at the time, the lack of grub had put the three of us into a pretty sour mood. By 3:00pm, a dark cloud had descended upon the LGs.

Sensing the group hostility (and potential fist-fighting ahead), we decided to splurge on a cab and a hearty meal at the Inka Grill, a chic, candlelit restaurant that serves traditional Peruvian dishes such as Stuffed Amarillo Chile Peppers, Lomito Saltado and Aji de Gallina (shredded poached chicken in a yellow sauce with rice and egg). When the complimentary basket of homemade potato chips arrived (along with a creamy mint dipping sauce), we wasted no time in leveling it-and requesting another from our incredulous waiter. By the time our entrees arrived, the LGs were friends once again, and agreed that we’d never, ever wait so long to feed ourselves. After all, if downing a grilled cheese sandwich here and a candy bar there can keep everyone happy, well, then we’re more than happy to eat one for the team.

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  • LG Mom says:

    Jen – this is why your Grandma W. always had something to eat in her purse! And remember some of the trips we took with your Dad??? You may have inherited this trait!