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The Lost Girls often remark, if we were traveling a few years ago, or really any other time but the present, it would be a heck of a lot harder to keep in touch with our loved ones. Now, in addition to the travelers’ classics-postcards and phone cards-we can keep an online web log (like the one you’re reading), make free international phone calls using our computers and send out instantaneous email updates to our friends and family around the globe.

Thanks to these nifty digital inventions, we may be thousands of miles away, but we’re rarely out of touch.

The Lost Girls Blog
Soon after The Lost Girls cemented the idea for this adventure, we decided to create a website that would allow us to share stories, pictures and videos from abroad. The trouble was, launching a functional site that looked halfway decent could cost us our entire trip budget, and even then, we wouldn’t be able to update it easily from the road. After making a few attempts to create an ultra cheap version (and failing miserably!), Amanda stumbled upon a new service offered by Google called “Blogger.” This totally-free, web-based program gave us the freedom and the ability to custom create a web site that reflected our personalities and allowed us to update graphics, photos and text from any computer at any internet café worldwide. Using additional no-charge programs like You Tube, and, we were able to add video and image slideshows to enhance each entry.

Besides offering fun anecdotes about our adventures, we hope that the site becomes a one-stop shop for young women travelers everywhere. As we make this 35,000 mile journey, we’ll offer tips based on our own experiences and provide insights from professionals across the travel industry. We invite you to email us your own advice and stories, so we can share them with the world!

When the Lost Girls first heard about an internet-based telephone service that offered free unlimited computer-to-computer calling among its members, it sounded way too good to be true. How often can you get something for nothing? Now, like millions of Skype users around the globe we’re total converts: Just download the program to your desktop or laptop, plug in your computer headset and start calling friends and family with Skype identities. For a small yearly fee, you can also get a 10-digit phone number so folks can call you directly (and even leave a voicemail message!). Our favorite part: For a tiny charge (about ½ a cent per minute) we can call our loved ones on their cell and land lines from our computers, even if they’re not Skype members. Want to give the LGs a ring? Check out the service here.

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  • Autumn & Danny says:

    Well, you guys have really taught me a thing or two about designing a website! I have been using your features like crazy on our travel blog … thanks!! Autumn and Danny of

  • anastasia says:

    I have skype, I live in south Florida and my brother is in Europe, we talk on skype everyweekend, we also have a camara so we can see each other. I love it!!! We talk for hours and it does’nt cost a penny. I highly recomend Skype for people to stay in touch!!!! By the way, great blog.