LG of the Week: Victoria Brown

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In short, a lost girl is any woman on the road to self discovery. We were inspired by fellow Lost Girl Victoria Brown, 25. Check out how she caught the travel bug and her lessons learned on the road.

“I made my first venture abroad at the age of 13, traveling to eastern Australia and New Zealand as a student ambassador. Removed from my home, my family, and my comfortable teenage life, I discovered a newfound, life-long passion: a true, deep love of travel.

My adventures did not stop there. By 18 I had been to Mexico; at 19 to Eastern Europe, soaking up post-communist architecture in Hungary, visiting the remains of Holocaust camps in Poland, roaming the old city in Prague. My 21st year found me living in Greece, studying archaeology at the Parthenon and boating to island heavens in the turquoise Mediterranean. At 22 I departed on a seven-month backpacking and writing journey to South and Southeast Asia, where I motor biked the back roads of Cambodia, boated the Mekong River through Laos, trekked to hillside villages in remote northern Thailand, swam Halong Bay in Vietnam, climbed rainforest canopies in Malaysia, collapsed on beaches in Indonesia, hiked 4,000 year old rice terraces in the Philippines, danced and partied until 6am at swanky clubs in downtown Singapore, trekked Kashmir’s Himalayan mountains, prayed at dawn on the Ganges River in Varanasi, India among holy men, and drove my 1989 red Ford Falcon station wagon, the Mullet, cross-country through Australia’s southern Nullibar from Perth to Melbourne. My 24th year found me exploring Brazil’s multicultural mosaic and Belize’s pristine isles.

As I plan my next adventure – a year-long trip through Central and South America – I reflect on these moments, remembering what drives me to venture out into this great world. Traveling is a passion that gets under your skin, burrows deep inside you, and demands constant attention and nourishment. Once you have the bug, you will Never Again Be A Tourist. Traveling grants you overwhelming perspective: on life, on your place in the world, on social issues, political happenings, economic dynamics. Traveling teaches you humility, humanity, humor.

I travel to see the world’s true colors, their vibrancies never accurately captured in a picture or on a two-dimensional television screen. I travel to challenge my own and others’ attitudes, perspectives, views. I travel for the sheer intrigue of untrodden roads, different places, interesting people, life-changing encounters.

Traveling has given me – as a woman – a newfound strength in myself and in my ability to drift independently and effortlessly around this world: female, empowered, unattached. It is This FREEDOM I seek when I travel, and my undying love affair with This Same FREEDOM that brings me back for more, each and every time.”

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