The Big Apple Gets a Little Love

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We’re practically breaking out in hives we’re so itchy to get the f*#$&^ out of town already (have we been planning this trip for years, or what?) but we’re saving a little nostalgia for our favorite city on the planet. Here are the places we’ve loved since our “freshman year” in New York.

Good Eats!

* Moonstruck Diner – A celestially-inspired café in Murray Hill, our first neighborhood (a.k.a. the gray section on the taxi map). We spent many drunken nights and hung-over days nursing ourselves sober with mass quantities of chicken fingers, French fries and omelets.
* Sam’s Noodle Shop – The absolute best dumplings in the city! Perfect for when the cash flow was low, Sam’s dumplings were cheap enough (and filling enough) to serve as an entire dinner, which we survived almost solely on from Summer ’01-Spring ’02.
* Serendipity 3 – despite being overrun by tourists, this is one of the best spots for sweets in the city so we can’t go too long without paying a visit (gorging on huge portions of Forbidden Broadway Sundaes and frozen hot chocolates is a must!)
* Fontana de Trevi – Amanda and I stumbled across this random little Italian restaurant almost five years ago when I first came to visit her in NYC. Back when tickets to Rent, and surprise seats at the coveted SNL dress rehearsal were enough to woo me into moving here.
* Tasti D’ Lite – The most popular fro yo shop in the city – perfect for a post work out reward or in lieu of dinner. Holly knows every location in the city by heart so we can always find one!
* Alice’s Tea Cup – our favorite place for a tea party (the Pumpkin scones are to die for!) in our UWS neighborhood; complete with the cutest Wonderland décor.
* Café Lalo – The twinkle lights, vintage French photos and yummy desserts are enough to lure us in every time. Plus it’s where Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks met in “You’ve Got Mail” and we’re cheesy enough to be excited about that.

Drinks and Dancing!

* The Naked Lunch – We actually used to have to whip out our work IDs and talk our way to the front of the line at this uber popular downtown bar. That’s not the case anymore, but it’s still a fun place to dance!
* Snafu – Between our guest bartending stints and Sarah’s bachelorette party kick-off, we somehow wind up dancing on the bar every time we’re here!
* Alphabet Lounge – In the heart of Alphabet City, this is still one of the greatest places to dance. Playing the best 80s beats all night long, we can still close this bar even today.
* Musical Box – A shout out to Steph Sholtis on this one! Another LES favorite, we practically went there every weekend for someone’s birthday, going away party or just to hang out on the back porch area.
* Tribeca Grand – Once labeled as one of the most chi-chi places in the city, we spent countless wild and crazy nights at this still-fabulous hotel bar.


* Oasis on Park: Jen had some sweet deal with, so we used her gift certificates to get fabulous massages whenever possible.
* Central Park: Nothing beats laying out on the Great Lawn in late summer, except doing so with a few bottles of wine.

An NYC Staple!

* Sex and the City – Between rushing home on Sunday nights from wherever we were to catch a new episode and spending countless hours watching re-runs with loads of our favorite take out du jour, these fellow ‘lost girls’ were a big part of our city lives!

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  • Guru Panguji says:

    Damn!! Now I wanna visit NYC after such a post :-p!! Hehehe! Missed the chance whilst I was in US for a brief stint!

    But, I am sure I will get my chance :-)!

    Anyhoo, have a nice time, take care and do some kickass for all the self-defense lessons ;-)!

    As for me, will be constantly checking on this site for some time to come now!

    Adios, ciao, namaste, vanakkam, Bon voyage and chillax!