The Children of Cusco

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The Lost Girls find themselves 11,000 feet above sea level in the Andes Mountains in Cusco, Peru. This center of ancient Inca culture boasts bustling squares, historic cathedrals and rainbow-colored flags. But what the Lost Girls find most enchanting about this city are all of the beautiful children. As we wander the cobblestone streets, what captures our attention the most are the kids who are coming home from school, playing in doorways and selling local crafts. The best part is watching their little faces light up when we show them the images of themselves on our digital camera screens. Since most of these children have never seen photos of themselves, the Lost Girls are happy to provide this service. Take a look!



  • redlaw says:

    awesome, ladies! you girls are seriously my heros! you have no idea how excited i am to follow this trip – and this slide show of the children is amazing – are these all pics you took?

  • Hilary McHone says:

    Hi Jen! Okay, I totally missed your going-away and neglected to call/email. Luckily I still had your invite and a search on Google with your names brought me to your blog. 🙂 Congrats on the beginning of your adventure! I will be following you online and will let you know if my mom and her boat are, at any point, near you!

  • Marcie in Indianapolis says:

    Absolutely incredible. They are gorgeous and you all are fabulous – totally jealous but completely happy to be living vicariously thru your adventures!

  • Stephen Bailey says:

    Can I just say that this is one of the sweetest things I’ve ever read? Not to mention those adorable images. OK, OK … I can go back to being all macho and manly now :0)

  • The Lost Girls says:

    Aww…we love all of these pictures,too! We´re now staying in a great place called “Hotel NiÑo” where all of the profits go to children in need. Look for a future post on this!


  • metamorphose says:

    Oh I love Cusco! I hope I can go back there again someday. I’m sure you’re having a wonderful time, and the kids really are special there.