Choosing Travel Insurance

Blogging Your Trip, Health & Safety, Planning, Travel Products & Services — By on July 10, 2006 at 1:05 pm

Hurricanes. Montezuma’s revenge. IPod thieves. No trip ever goes exactly as planned, and there are plenty of surprises that could put a damper on the joys of travel. Just look at the Lost Girls-we kicked off our trip with lost luggage and two out of three of us getting a funky foreign bug.

Fortunately, we’re surging ahead because we thought ahead and signed up for travel insurance covering emergency medical assistance, trip cancellation and stolen electronics. We opted for a policy from World Nomads because it allows us to give back while protecting ourselves: You can donate a portion of your fee to the Footprints charity program to help educate kids in Nepal or bring doctors to remote villages in India.

Other cool features include a free online travel journal so your friends can keep updated on your big trip, and a travel writing contest where the winner scores a year’s worth of coverage. Take two seconds and click on the link below to learn more or get a policy of your own. Yeah, we know that buying travel insurance isn’t exactly fun, but then again, neither is Amoebic Dysentery.

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