Independence Day on El Camino Inca

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After months spent planning our expedition to Peru for the ultimate outdoor adventure-a four-day, 26-mile climb through the Andes Mountains to the “Lost” city of Machu Picchu-we very nearly didn’t make it to the Inca Trail at all. Just days before we were supposed to lace up our hiking boots and get to stepping, Holly and Amanda were both bed-bound and very nearly out of commission, battling funky foreign bugs that we’d confused for altitude sickness. Realizing that if we didn’t act quickly, we might be edited right out of our own daydreams of reaching the ancient city at sunrise, we called a local English-speaking doctor. Not only did he answer his phone on a Sunday-he made an immediate house call (or rather, a “hotel call”).

Inside his little black bag laid our salvation: Dr Felix administered a shot while Amanda whined and squeezed Holly’s hand for comfort (HCC checked to make sure the needle was new, then nearly cried in sympathy). Jen ran all over town collecting our prescriptions and snacks for the trail in hopeful anticipation that her fellow Lost Girls would recover in time.

Perhaps the Inca gods were smiling, because we all rebounded like champs: by 6:00 the following morning, the Lost Girls gathered along with a dozen other groups members and their trail leader Ruben and geared up for the 3.5 hour bus ride to the trailhead.

To follow our adventures, click on the arrow in the middle of the video screens below. Each daily diary runs about 10 minutes…watch it from beginning to end, or feel free to fast forward!

Day 1
The Hike Begins

Day 2
Onwards and Upwards

Day 3 & 4
Simply Breathtaking….then Victory.

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