Sin Gas o Con Gas?

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Throughout most Spanish speaking countries, there’s one question that’s frequently uttered in restaurants, at street vendors and basically anywhere that sells water. Sin Gas or Con Gas? Translation: Would you like your water with or without bubbles? (a.k.a. flat or sparkling?). The Lost Girls are used to answering immediately, sin gas. However, we learned a bit too late that we also should have applied this phrase during our recent tour of Sacsayhauman in Cusco, Peru (immense ruins of both religious and military significance).

The Story: After a few days of adjusting to Cusco’s high elevation, we decided to defy the Altitude Sickness Gods and take the steep uphill climb to visit the famous site of Sacsayhuaman, which is more popularly referred to by its mnemonic ‘sexy woman.’ Happy to be outdoors and getting some exercise, the LGs bound up the hill past sheep, donkeys and other tourists, arriving at the historic site in less than 30 minutes. We were feeling so good that after snapping a few photos of the area, we decided we were up for the 3-4 hour horseback ride offered in the area.

We quickly tracked down one of the numerous guides waiting at the entrance of the park and negotiated an amazing rate for the afternoon (20 soles per person; approximately $6). We walked over to the nearby farm where we met our slightly thin, but seemingly strong horses, Pancho (Amanda’s), Napoleon (mine) and Chico (Holly’s). We climbed a top our trusty steeds and were off! Well, sort of. Our guide decided to follow us on foot rather than on another horse, so our dreams of galloping through the hills were quickly squelched. “Can’t we go a bit faster,” we asked (well, Amanda and I did anyway). Holly was content to continue at the slower pace until we got to the edge of a sheer cliff. The horses navigated the skinny path that wound around the countryside, but one look down was enough to shake the LGs nerves just a bit. Do Peruvian horses have the same great sense of balance as American horses?

Just when we thought our tour couldn’t get more interesting, we heard a loud and very inappropriate sound coming from the backside of Amanda’s horse. Oh my God, Pancho had just ripped the absolute largest fart we’d ever heard. And he didn’t stop with just one. He continued his persistent musical tooting all the way down the mountain. We erupted in fits of giggles, practically falling off of our horses as we tried desperately to maintain control. The guide, looking quite bored with our immature ‘horse play’ continued walking along as if one of his horses wasn’t stinking up the entire path.

I was in the unfortunate position of being down wind of Pancho the Pooter, as we so affectionately termed him, but every time she tried to steer her horse around to the front, Pancho would lash out and bite Napoleon on the neck. Clearly Pancho was the alpha male of the group! Eventually we all managed to separate ourselves enough from each other and were able to pay attention to the breathtaking scenery around us. Although we never tired of bursting into uncontrollable laughter every single time Pancho let one rip (which was about every few minutes). This proved particularly interesting when we tried to pull out our camera to snap some action shots. If you’ve ever tried to steer a horse and take pictures while in complete hysterics, you’ll know that it’s not easy. In the end, we had a great time horseback riding, but learned one very important lesson.

The Moral of our Story: When horseback riding in Peru, always pre-order your horse sin gas!

(Check out the quick clip of our adventures. Sin gas, we promise!)

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  • aizza says:

    When i first started reading this post I thought it was going to be a bad water diarrhea story and in that case you should have asked whether the water was made
    (¿es el hielo hecho con agua de purificado? – just in case anyone was wondering) turned out to be something way funnier!
    I also noticed that your blogs are written in the third person. Is it weird to refer to yourself like that? I think it would be cool to know which of you is writing. Also you guys are very lucky to have excellent internet to post a video. My friend who had recently come back from peru said they had no such luck. Cheers

  • Anonymous says:

    Amanda and friends hi from Az. (the Reinsteins) Looks like you’re having a great adventure wish we were there. Pete and Judy

  • mdepaulis says:

    OMG – That was hysterical. Thanks for the laugh! 🙂