Where the Men Aren’t

Lost Girls RTW Adventure — By on July 31, 2006 at 1:06 am

Just a question The Lost Girls would like to throw out to the universe: Why does there seem to be more American women on the road than men?

We’ve met a bunch of Americans with a double X chromosome traveling by themselves, and a few in groups. But we never, ever seem to meet American guys backpacking unless they’ve got their girlfriend in tow. On the other hand, there’s no shortage of packs of Israeli, British, Chilean and Australian men. What’s the deal? Can anyone explain this phenomenon?

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  • borty says:

    It’s because American Men need to stay close to home and be around for the release of hollywood hits like “Snakes on a Plane” “The Girl Next Door” and of course “Harold and Kumar go to White Castle”

  • Observations from the land of confusion says:

    I think it can be attributed to the career aspirations and pressures of the American male. In most cultures, you are encouraged to take a year to travel before or after uni. In the US, you get a measley 2 weeks vacation and travelling is looked downly upon in the corporate world.

    Women on the otherhand have lesser career pressures in general, although not you ladies of course.

    Plus, you know you love the accent of foreign men. Why go all that way to get yet another american man naked?

    – Trevor

  • Anonymous says:

    Speaking only for myself, I got backpacking out of my system while I was in the US Army. I have other things to do now.


  • The Lost Girls says:

    Ha! Did you know there’s a White Castle in Peru? Just kidding—only Papa Johns and Burger King. Thanks for solving the mystery for us guys—We love hearing from you!