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While drivers license photos still take top prize for their sheer ugliness (holy crap, did they have to zoom right in on my gross zit??!), passport photos often score a close second, making even a vibrant and a freshly coifed Lost Girl look like Mel Gibson after swallowing the worm at the bottom of tequila bottle. If only there was a way to snap a good photo, so that we could show off the stamps in our passports without cringing over the criminal image inside.

Well now, finally, there’s a way to use our own fabulous photos instead paying $5.00 a pop to end up with a passport mug shot. Thanks to savvy Lost Girls World reader Shelley Lennon, we found out about E-Passport Photo, a new site that lets you upload and resize your own digital photos to meet strict government requirements. Not only is the service totally free, you can ensure that for the next 10 years, you’ll be itching to show off your super-fly portrait to every customs official from El Salvador to Singapore.

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  • Stephen Tiano says:

    Geez, I think I’m scaring myself but … I’m 52 and I’ve never seen a photo of myself that I don’t like. Down to–and especially, actually–one of myself as a 4- to 6-year-old. They do not embarrrass me–even recent ones–and, in fact, usually make me grin.