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Kenya, Lost Girls RTW Adventure, Wildlife & Animals — By on October 18, 2006 at 4:45 pm

It’s about midnight in Kenya and I want to go to bed. I don’t have arachnophobia or anything, but there’s a spider the size of Godzilla (I’m only slightly exaggerating) outside the window next to the double bed where we’ll all be sleeping head-to-toe.

I mean, going on a honeymoon with my girlfriends is a blast and all, except they don’t care if you whine about bugs. And they definitely won’t kill it for you. So nobody wants to crash on the side closest to the spider (pictured). I call not it!

We leave the vote up to you: Who gets the side farthest away from the bug? Please vote for me!

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  • The Lost Girls says:

    No! Vote for me! Actually, Jen and I want to form an alliance and vote Holly to sleep outside with the spider. Who’s with us?!

  • mdepaulis says:

    Haha! Why don’t you girls draw straws or flip a coin? 😉

  • Anonymous says:

    I say take turns, every couple of hours flip, or you could arm wrestle and whoever loses has to sleep by the spider.

  • Dellie says:

    How about getting a nice person that is a “local” to coax it onto the end of a broom and then walk it far away…..That way you could all sleep in peace…kinda….You’re a TEAM,right? That spider was pre-historic!

  • The Lost Girls says:

    Well, we all shared a mosquito net which functioned asmore of a psychological shield. Amanda ended up sleeping the closest to the window, but has no spider bites to show for it, thank god!

  • Anonymous says:

    Keep Amanda as far away from the spiders as possible, as she seems the most fearful of the LGs.

  • amanda's sister says:

    i’m so proud of you brave sister. what in the hell is that thing anyway? michael always told me to light spiders on fire. i tried it recently with a black widow & a scripto. i exploded like a firework. 🙂 oh by the way – my last day at the Roadhouse as a kitchen manager was on sunday. yipppppeeee!

  • amanda's sister says:

    i mean IT exploded – not me.

  • Dellie says:

    I’m glad that YOU did not explode,J.Isn’t it amazing that a spider could elicit so much interest-even more than”wonders of the world” photos. It just goes to show that all humans are fearful of creatures that are smaller than ourselves unless they are cute and cuddly like a puppy. Amanda’s just won the double immunity challenge.

  • Anonymous says:

    Very interesting blog here, congrats

  • 2 cents says:

    I vote to remove the spider and that way all three of you can rest easily. Or, if the spider is outside the window… just close the window!

  • The 'Twenty-Something' says:

    I agree with ‘my 2 cents’. Get rid of the spider and you’ll all be happier. All you need to decide now is who moves the damn thing!

    Inspiring blog ladies. I love travelling myself, but have been pretty Europe-bound so far because of school commitments. Biggest trip was in 2003 – 27 countries in 5 1/5 weeks in my car with friends (bit like Amanda…(camping, driving, boating, climbing, canoeing, swimming, eating, site-seeing…!!) Please keep updating your blog about Africa. Jen must be in heaven!! I had the opp to go to Kenya this summer, but turned it down for a yacht taking in Sicily, Sardinia and Corsica (keen to know what made Holly lap the globe in a boat). I’m only 21 – so I hope I still have more time to travel. Saying that, my family and I are planning a stay in Mororcco to see in the New Year. So maybe then I’ll be able to get beyond the Med (as much as I love it!).

    I must link you – hope that’s ok. I’m just so very jealous. Lots more pictures please.

    Stay safe and enjoy it.

    Miss H (UK)

  • The Lost Girls says:

    We would move the spider….but hello, have you seen the damn thing?? At this point, its been three days, and “Fred” hasn’t moved a leg. We’ve grown sorta fond of him, and we we’re so suprised to find that “he” may be a “she” after all…we found a baby Fred in the web this morning. We’ve decided that trying to move Fred or light him/her on fire as my sister suggested would be unwise. What if Fred retaliates and sends all of his eight-legged friends in to our cottage while we’re sleeping? Better let sleeping spider lie.

    –The LGs

  • Sara says:

    Ok. Having lived with Holly for 20+ years, I would say you would all sleep much better by keeping her as far away from the spider as you can. I truly believe she could whine the loudest. And my mother still has one of Holly’s first journel entries on her fridge.I will estimate the age of 7. It goes something like this ” I like gammas and gampas, nice bugs, not sputers, and food”. I shit you not. This fear of “sputers” goes back a long way ladies, a long way…