Leaving Pathfinder

Kenya, Lost Girls RTW Adventure, Volunteering & Giving Back — By on November 13, 2006 at 4:04 am

On the last night of our incredible volunteer experience at Pathfinder Academy in Kenya, the pre-teen girls we’d been working with for nearly a month surprised us by singing personal farewells at a candlelight dinner. We’d grown to love these little women so much that all four of us (fellow volunteer Irene included) were reduced to sniffly, tear-streaked heaps but we recovered long enough to have turn around and surprise them with gift bags we’d made earlier that week.

Sadly, a fork and spoon were among the “presents” we gave them, because the majority of our little friends had never owned their own silverware. The girls tore open the plastic and were literally screeching in wild delight over the notebooks, pens, colored pencils, crayons, candy, ponytail-holders, modeling clay (and yes, the silverware) we’d given them. Judging by their uncensored shrieks, you’d think that Oprah herself had walked in the room and given each girl the keys to her very own BMW convertible. I had no idea that our tiny gifts would make such an immediate impact on them-but their priceless reaction has made lasting impression upon us.

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  • Dellie says:

    In our country kids are screaming for the latest techno-gadgets. At Pathfinder the kids were happy to receive a pony tail holder and a spoon/fork. Blatant inequality. Your giftbags may have been the first “goodies” some of those young girls have ever received. God bless the Lost Girls and ALL the little ones you see along the way. That slide-show was amazing!!